One month in Wealthy Affiliate - Progress?

Last Update: December 23, 2015

Hi guys,

So it has been just over one month since I've joined Wealthy Affiliate and still loving every moment!

My website: is getting on well and I have 14 posts and 67 comments (which I don't think is to bad).

I must be honest and tell you I would love to see a sale (Although I know it will probably only start to happen after month 2 or 3). I am positive that it will happen and I am working really hard to make it happen.

During my vacation now, I am working on my blog about 5-6 hours a day just to make up for lost time.

What really helps me to stay positive is the success tab where people share when they make a sale, etc.

For all the newcomers, if you would like to know anything, don't hesitate to ask. That is the beauty of this community. All questions are welcome!

Once again I would just like to thank Kyle and Carson for this awesome place and I know I will be successful!

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DaveSw Premium
It sounds like you are doing quite well! Congrats and keep at it, over time everything builds and all of a sudden sales will happen and increase! Best of luck for 2016! Dave : )
tommo1968 Premium Plus
Website looks great, nice and clean with good fonts and space usage. Keep up adding the content and I'm sure you will get commissions.

One thought, try to do comparisons if you have a few reviews on a certain type of gadget, review them next to each other (a score chart) works well. I believe there are plugins which do it nicely.

Readers are lazy if you show them the benefits from one product to another they will usually take your word and go straight through to the sales page.

I know Ryan ramccracken had good success with it.