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Ever had the question "where can I start to blog?" or "how do I get started blogging?".This is probably the question that all of us had before we came to Wealthy Affiliate. We all wanted to know more about this whole "blogging" thing and whether it is legit. Being a normal human being, you will always be sceptical about the unknown.I too was very sceptical before I started, but there was just something that caught my attention. Maybe it was the fact that Kyle (one of the owners) welcomed me wit
I know there is a lot of people out there looking for ways how to make money online from South Africa. As a South African myself, I too had this question just a few months ago. I researched all the possible ways out there, just to learn how to create passive income from the comfort of my home.I struggled to find a place that could take me by the hand and show me the way to online success.That was before I stumbled upon this awsome community called Wealthy Affiliate.Since I've joined here, I hav
Hi guys,I just wrote a post that, after doing my keyword searches, had only one competitive page and over 200 searches per month. I thought I would be on the first page for sure! To my disappointment, I landed on page 4 of google. This was after writing the post in the same manner as some of my other posts that are ranked on page 1...Now obviously, this makes me a bit negative and makes me wonder if I will ever get the hang of this keyword searches and Google.How are you guys doing out there an
Hi guys,So tomorrow I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate for three months. A lot has happened and a lot was learned. I want to keep this as short as possible so I will just stick to the facts.As for my website...I am standing on 32 posts and 173 comments. I am really happy with this but I would like to improve it drastically within the next three months.I am starting to rank on the first page a lot. My last two posts are both on page one of Google (which is a good sign).As for sales. This morn
So, earlier this week I wrote about Ranking in a competitive niche and I told you how one of my pages finally ranked on the first page of Google.Before writing a post today, I went to have a look at how I placed my keywords in that post. I wrote the article with my keywords more or less in the same places as that post, did the whole "fetch as Google" thing and what do you know...I am on the first page of Google again. This happened immediately after I wrote my post!! I used two keywords, the ot
February 04, 2016
Hi guys,I have been really struggling to rank on the first page of Google. This might be because I am in a very competitive niche or the fact that my site is only about three months old...I quickly went to check some of my keywords and to my surprise, realized I am on the first page with one of my posts!! I am really happy to see some results, as I am a bit negative at the moment regarding my success. The post that is ranked is not one where I used affiliate links, but hopefully I will start ge
January 25, 2016
Hi guys,I just quickly wanted to post a motivational post for everybody who is trying as hard as me to succeed in this wonderful opportunity.I want to ask the question, what is your excuse not to post content and make this happen?I am currently working full time and studying at night for my final exam, to get my degree in structural engineering. After I study at night, I spend time on my blog, either posting or working on ideas. Through all this I still write about 2-3 posts a week.If you are r
Hi there,When I first started with my social media icons I stumbled upon this plugin called Ultimate Social Media Icons, and I must say I loved it. It was very user friendly and was very customizeable.I soon realized that my email icon doesn't work. I saw in the plugin settings they tell you to claim your feed via, so that is what i did. It still didn't work, so I contacted the support and they truly helped me a lot (even over the Christmas period). The conclusion after a few
Hi guys,So it has been just over one month since I've joined Wealthy Affiliate and still loving every moment!My website: is getting on well and I have 14 posts and 67 comments (which I don't think is to bad).I must be honest and tell you I would love to see a sale (Although I know it will probably only start to happen after month 2 or 3). I am positive that it will happen and I am working really hard to make it happen.During my vacation now, I am working on my blog about
So it's been just over 2 weeks since I joined WA. What a ride!! I accidental stumbled onto WA, without even realizing the jackpot that I've hit. I have been working full time for about 4 years now...I am qualified in the field of structural engineering, which is not a bad career. The thing that bothers me the most is the stress together with the fast-paced life. That is why I have been searching for a way to make passive income for a while now. The best two ways I found was, property investment
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