Maybe I am starting to get the hang of this?

Last Update: February 07, 2016

So, earlier this week I wrote about Ranking in a competitive niche and I told you how one of my pages finally ranked on the first page of Google.

Before writing a post today, I went to have a look at how I placed my keywords in that post. I wrote the article with my keywords more or less in the same places as that post, did the whole "fetch as Google" thing and what do you know...I am on the first page of Google again. This happened immediately after I wrote my post!! I used two keywords, the other one ranked on page 2 of Google.

Now if that isn't progress, then what is? ;)

I am truly happy to see my posts finally ranking. Now the next step will be to actually start earning revenue.

Keep pushing hard and stay commited!


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ChrisTowers Premium Plus
Sounds like you are doing something right my friend :) Well done.. and hope you see great success.. as i do for everyone here :)


CBotma Premium
Thank you Chris.
Yes,lets hope it works. We all want to succeed here at wealthy affiliate.
ChrisTowers Premium Plus
keep working.. and you will :)