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Last Update: Feb 14, 2020

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I feel that life is a journey. It is different for every individual. For some people it is easy and for some it is not, but behind every smile there is a story. I have learned from an early age that school is one of the most important factors of a person’s life.

Early Age Notion

This was fetched into by head by by parents and it stays there until today. The more I learn the wiser and smarter I become. I have been attending the four-year College and this school has gotten me ready to face the realities of this world. I feel that I learned from by mistakes in high school, I took advantage of them to succeed in college. And what I have learned all along could help deal with people from different backgrounds, take a great deal of advantages when real life opportunities do surface, and succeed very well in life. I could can contribute to society and accomplish many of objectives as parts of grand-schema and long-term plan. So, I had to do whatever I needed to achieve by objectives, no matter what. Failure was not an option as I was taught at by teenage years. This is why that the early notion taught and instructed from by very early age sticks and stays with me this very day. Therefore, no matter what I got to do everything in by power to stay true to myself by not deviating from the great stuff I have learned and I know that I need to get me to where I want to be in the future. I worked by hardest and gave school by all, so I could make it where ever I end up. I had to make goals because felt where I wanted to be but I could not let distractions hold me back.

Plan to Succeed

I made a plan because felt I had to learn things for life. I needed to make it happen, no other option! I looked at life differently felt it wasn’t going to be a walk in the park I had to put effort sweat and tears into that battle. felt I had to create priorities to get to by goal, but as soon as I made and set by goals like setting by eyes and mind on this picture

all types of distractions came to by life in order to get me off track. Knowing what to do kind of got me ready for any eventualities. So, felt how to handle situations and also knew how not to fail. I never wanted to regret and to occupy the losing position of an individual missing out the finish line.

I feel that I can contribute anywhere I will be in many ways. I sense then I do accomplish many goals along the way. As I planned earlier, joining many clubs and scholastic associations turned out to be great successes. By the way, associations and clubs are good ways to learn and foster dreams in life about the school, socialize with others, and enrich by life completely. On that path, I did accomplish many of by plans and objectives for things to come later down by road of achievements. I have had exceptional grades that got me on the Dean's List, Who's Who and helped me get scholarships. So, I got into the necessary networking with students and teachers so I could have all the references I needed to get a great job after college.

Winning Attitude

By having gone through by struggles and battles in life, I had to learn fast and did it once and for all. As a matter of fact, I could develop and adopt a winning attitude to help me come on top in almost every situation in life as follows:

  1. Establishing good line of communication with others.
  2. Becoming a very good team player with team spirit.
  3. Developing great rapport with different individuals.
  4. Learned to become very dependable and flexible.
  5. Being a very hard worker with good work ethics.
  6. Being a big-time bread-earner and avid investor.
  7. Become a great listener and disciplined learner.
  8. Living satisfied as a happier and active person.

Final Thought

Although, I have made many the mistakes in life, I manage to use them in by favor in order to win and come on top in almost every occasion. My final objective is to grow as a productive member of society, a law-bidding citizen and an independent reliable individual. As a result, I intend to bring the same behavior and attitude to the Wealthy Affiliate from start to finish. I feel that every event in by life happened to help me grow, become wiser and a better person. This is the ultimate point that I have been trying to drive across: we fall sometimes but we need to get up and keep going.

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Great post Charles. Life is a learning experience.

Thank you Joe for your kind comment and you got it!

It is never to late to learn Charles! We all receive some sort of education every single day in our lives, my friend! Thanks for sharing this thorough post!

Have a GREAT weekend!


Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for your kind comment and advice, And you are very welcome my friend!

Please have a great weekend as well!


Learning is always important no matter how old you are. Like the post. Your 8 points are values we should live by. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you my friend for wise comment of great value! And you are very welcome Jeff!

got my website in google rank

Congratulations my friend on your achievement! Please keep it and moving towards your success.

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