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IntroductionI feel that life is a journey. It is different for every individual. For some people it is easy and for some it is not, but behind every smile there is a story. I have learned from an early age that school is one of the most important factors of a person’s life.Early Age NotionThis was fetched into by head by by parents and it stays there until today. The more I learn the wiser and smarter I become. I have been attending the four-year College and this school has gotten me rea
February 11, 2020
In this day and age as never before, you are judged based on the dollar signs appearing on your bank accounts and the shear amount of resources or material wealth you possess. Whether it is fair or not and independently of one’s liking, this is what it is; just let one be aware of that fact. It is relatively a straight-forward translation of how successful you appear to be. But if it has not been the case for some, one does not need to feel ashamed, and one do not have to get upset either
Is a preset or existing Checklist for your website?Great question or request! The answers are: No and/or Yes. No, you are on your own to develop the checklist by yourself. Therefore, you hit the ground running by starting to create your website, which is different from everyone else's. Then you take notes by documenting this every step of the way. Now, this becomes your own checklist. Moreover, it's different for different platforms. On the other hand, Yes, there is existing checklist, for oth
My Life's Experience and Lessons LearnedThis documentary on part of my life has been conceived based on individual success strategies or the reversed engineering individual success strategies, which are the total opposite of the concept of trial and error strategies used by most to explain and conceptualize the resultant combination of their explained success. You have probably been living your entire existence out of total darkness and confusion with no hope, exit and end in sight. This is the
February 05, 2020
Eye-Opening To Your CyclesThis world has evolved a great deal. It is either being the brute product outcome of some random possibilities of a cosmic explosion. Or this is rather the meticulous masterful calculation end-result of the master-architect of this universe. Regardless of your belief, the facts are this is here to stay and your shared time and space cannot be any more than about a hundred-year span that you need to use and share wisely. And you can choose to live your life to the fulle
When this darkness takes place - Confusion occurs.In this modern era, most people are found themselves rock-bottom inside a closed container of misfortune outcomes denoted as bad luck short for failure going on the opposite direction of the path to success. It is a form of darkness that has been taken shape over the years through either by self-inflicted wounds, or by externally victimized as a result of hurts put onto you by others. This is also the dark stage at which you will need to decide
Check this out below:Darkness is being lost into and within a circle or pit of indecision. Being cut and entrapped in there becomes a nightmarish situation within a maze of confusion. Even though you have seen any fruits of your labor, keep it moving towards your goals. Sometimes, you need one more step to hit it big, just push yourself through the wall of limitation, discouragement and despair. And guess what... victory is awaiting.The bottom of the pit was never your final destination. It was
IntroductionIn the initial version, we have talked about the following topics:We must acknowledge success as pearls hidden inside of all of us.We are going to be held accountable for the end-results brought in.I explained my view about success meaning. And you were asked to express yours as well.We were willing to do anything to get to it by any means necessary.With some type of blurry and inexact understanding, we were tasked to face this puzzle in the form of riddles.As a result, we fall into
January 30, 2020
Introduction to SuccessBy way of introduction, let us welcome and acknowledge the biggest energy placed within our being to keep on seeking greatness via a destination denoted as success. Regardless of where we are from, of what our racial makeup is all about, and our social ranking, we must and need to succeed in order to be judged, convicted or justified through our prized results. Therefore, what is Success for lack of a better question?What is it?In my view, there is no one way to define su
January 18, 2020
While snowing is the perfect timing to rethink your successful path.It is the best time to reset your mindset the following activities:1) Skiing and snowboarding for the outdoor enthusiasts.2) Appreciating the snowflake beauty while standing out in the cold.3) Building a maze for outdoor recreation, education and recreation.4) Catching up on your WA goals and priorities towards your success.Hi All,I am Charles and I do choose the right time to hunker down here onthe WA platform. In other words,