A bit More about “Success is What for You?”

Last Update: January 31, 2020


In the initial version, we have talked about the following topics:

  • We must acknowledge success as pearls hidden inside of all of us.
  • We are going to be held accountable for the end-results brought in.
  • I explained my view about success meaning. And you were asked to express yours as well.
  • We were willing to do anything to get to it by any means necessary.
  • With some type of blurry and inexact understanding, we were tasked to face this puzzle in the form of riddles.
  • As a result, we fall into this journey of searching for success in round Robin and never ending merry go-round.
  • To that wave and spectrum of motion, life goes full spiraling motion back and forth.

Today is the right time and opportunity to make the hard choice between success and failure. We are restraint to acknowledge our own selection whether we want it or not.

Get Real and Stop Faking it

With so many questions going unanswered every day, it is in the simple fact that we all live within the box of bluffs. We are always looking for the next scheme to make it quicker and easier. However, we often end up paying the price with wasting our time and resources. It is time to stop playing to ourselves in this destructive path. In fact, we must position ourselves to the reality of success, which is based on factual results highlighted by tangible and visual rewards. Success is only actualizing when we make the right steps towards it, which is actually in your hand, stop thinking that it is going to come with the strike of luck. It is like playing the game of poker without any strategy: may the chips fall anywhere they may. This is when lightning strikes and disasters take place, sometimes twice and more in the same place. It can neither be by chance nor by unknown/mystical means: let’s have it transliterated into methodological punchline of real actionable steps towards great progress.

Now Get Back to Reality

This is the reality of personal success, which is based on real results highlighted by tangible and visual rewards. With that in mind, let us get right to the point. This has been conceived and written for your sake and you in mind.

The clear goals are as follows:

• To educate you, foster and crystallize the dreams of Success in your life and love's one.

• To guide and help you make money by learning and master the financial principles and techniques of earning.

• To build your personal fortress for your financial freedom, i.e. Success and wealth.

• To grow, multiply and accumulate your assets portfolio with good ambition and akin consistency.


If we undertake this dauntingly hard process with the right kind of mindset, we will get there most assuredly in no time. And the fruit of harvest is sweet versus the bittersweet of sour grapes of failure.

Bye all and Cheers!


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JeffreyBrown Premium
Keep pressing ever forward to success, Charles! GREAT POST!
cb59 Premium
Hi Jeffrey,
I want to thank you for your consideration. And I appreciate your kind gesture of appreciation; and it means so much to me!
Thanks a lot,
JeffreyBrown Premium
Thank you for your posts and interaction within the community, Charles!👍👍😎
cb59 Premium
Hi Jeffrey,
Thanks for your consideration and support! This is the least that I can do.
JohaneG Premium
It is good guidance and excellent information.
LenkaSophie Premium
I like seeing success as pearls being hidden inside. That's beautiful!
Mindset is very important indeed, without it one can not achieve anything. We have to work on it constantly.
Thank you for your post, Charles.
GNolen1 Premium
Wow that's great information and very well written and worth reading many times over and let it flow through our minds.
Joes946 Premium
Great information Charles.
cb59 Premium
Thanks Joe and I appreciate it very much!