Practical and Theory

Last Update: August 08, 2019

Hi folks, it has occured to me that the things I call hobbies both need to be done and written about. I did an unsual thing at work this morning and applied some watermarks to my best photos using the 'Chalkduster' font for which my Instagram account is known for.

One of the things I've already noticed since I've been living here in Sittingbourne that being by a French Door means I get a view above an elevated feature that is a light railway and the view of a transmission tower I often shot by the link road. It feels weird to get such a view.

Howwever one of the things are slowing me down is that particualrly for the Warhammer 40,000 site is that I make excuses not to write content because I don't want to use other people's art and keep it totally organic. So in an attempt to harness motiviation I'm going to apply what was a rather objective routine from my school education...

It all boils down to...

Pratical and Theory. Just like with driving, you take a theory test then you take the driving test. The idea is basically to spend time out in the field (with photography it's taking the photos) then taking the time to do the theory (post and share those photos). Now the problem is that I've got content dating back all the way to the 25th of May 2018 and it seems that I made excuses on how not to share them. I took all that time to add text and stuff in my Phonto app and you know what... learned that you can use a plugin to add a gallery of images...

Well the watermark though adds the touch with the signature use of emjois. My use of instagram wasn't intended for photography but I realised I couldn't use IG like the way I could use Tumblr tho really it's a sign of my finally arriving adulthood where it has become all photos and no Ariana Grande (not that I really wanted to admit here but we all have our favourite musicians here).

But in the end, I've realised that such an eye for detail should go beyond a social media platform..

This applies to my Warhammer 40,000 as the painting, modelling, collecting and lore is actually far more exciting then actually playing the game itself. However it's making myself get the paints out and get on with it. So I'm taking a breakdown approach to both photography and Warhammer.

Breakdown of the hobbies

Pretty much it will be a case of...

Practical - Take photos, Theory post qeued photos on blog, Practical, paint/assemble Warhammer and Theory write article on whatever it was I did or was doing. And breaking it up with IG posts and watermarking. And planning the moves for the following day. My phone is on charge and my pal and Chaos Lord Harrower is silently saying 'paint me'.

Have a nice evening and hope everyone moves forward on WA



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firstlearn Premium
Hope you succeed with your new way of doing things Chris.

Carson2 Premium
Well, the best to you in this approach. Trust all goes well.