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October 13, 2019
Hi folks it's been a while since I have been on WA, I have been having quite a few mental health issues and also had a week's holiday to Scotland. It's all been a bit of a blur. Progress on my site slowed because the work required with my Warhammer 40,000 modeling had slowed. I have taken the holiday to assess which niches would be suitable for me. I have looked into Rugby and football (or what you folks in the US of A call soccer) but I have discovered that both politics and photography are my
September 08, 2019
It's been a tough few weeks dealing with mental health and trying to change seemingly bad habits has proven to be a challenging thing. Trying to focus the energy is not always easy.AfterthoughtThere is a meaning in the phrase 'never put your eggs in one basket'. My first site has kinda slowed because it is dependent on myself working with my Warhammer hobby and the photography stuff needs a bit more work. I look at these examples and feel that trying to build affliate marketing around them will
August 11, 2019
Hi folks, my activity kinda slowed a lot owing to life and such. But I took the opportunity to actually touch my Warhammer hobby with painting yesterday. I completed my 3k text challange but is still in a draft format because there isn't much in the way of image content. One of the things I'm trying to achieve with my site is to use totally organic content (I.e pictures and project work done by myself).Some could easily argue that sometimes you have to come up with a 'post everday' but most thi
August 08, 2019
Hi folks, it has occured to me that the things I call hobbies both need to be done and written about. I did an unsual thing at work this morning and applied some watermarks to my best photos using the 'Chalkduster' font for which my Instagram account is known for. One of the things I've already noticed since I've been living here in Sittingbourne that being by a French Door means I get a view above an elevated feature that is a light railway and the view of a transmission tower I often shot by
August 03, 2019
So it's time to return to the desk and resume the very important stuff. My move has come together really well. I bought some more bits for my new abode and I feel happy with the directions taken. Anyway I'm finally relieved it has passed.New plansOne of my reasons for moving to particular area which is in Kemsley, north of Sittingbourne is the access to a country park and quite a few places to capture the skies. While I have my training geared using my Warhammer 40k, I feel I need to have a sec
July 28, 2019
Hi folks, pleased to report that my move has finally happened. Of course the landlord kinda didn't like it and took the cheek to change his story, my Dad who provided me with the rental deposit three and half years ago is taking charge of that and he has implored me to get on with my future and look ahead. I have found a fantastic room to the north of Sittingbourne. It's a large room with a wonderful view to the East.It took a lot of stress and anexity to get to this point and I think my parent
July 16, 2019
I've been off WA the past few days addressing my future. As I've mentioned in earlier blogs, I've began searching for new places after my current landlord refused to guarentee renewal. It has been a stressful time. However I did achieve my 3k narritive goal.I have settled on an offer from an couple in Sittingbourne and a delightful bright room with French Doors (patio doors), an ottoman bed and a very amazing spot for a desk. It's a wonderful space to be creative and has an amazing and the clou
July 08, 2019
So it began. My first steps to begin moving on, began very quicky. I viewed to places but felt the cheaper one wasn't quite suitable to my needs as I have a lot of stuff. While I was pondering my next moved, I made a few more enquries. Went to my usual haunt at Teynham to get my Monday chips and did my thing. Popped into a supermarket and one of the places I looked at were rooms in a large terraced house in Maidstone. I saw two rooms (one with it's own tiolet) and also viewed a room that was a
July 07, 2019
Hi folks, my activity has been a slow so far this weekend. I've had some problems in life and it's down to the stresses of living. My relationship with my landlord has broken down. He made an explicit demand as a condition of renewal and basically it's a cause of him not guarenteeing a stay. So i've made the heavy decision to move acommadation and whlle it's not ideal, I know that I'm bound to a better place. I'm here on WA and will long term see income. While living in Canterbury has been grea
Hi folks, I have realised something that is pretty exciting about writing and that the hobby I do has an immense amount of creativity in terms of story telling. While many folks could go on and on about building an army for Warhammer 40,000, many loves the narrative and consider it far more important than the game itself. Anyway I have decided to use this as an opportunity to create a narrative and while it won't generate masses of traffic the aim is to make such a generic yet not really used k
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