Moved and Ready

Last Update: July 28, 2019

Hi folks, pleased to report that my move has finally happened. Of course the landlord kinda didn't like it and took the cheek to change his story, my Dad who provided me with the rental deposit three and half years ago is taking charge of that and he has implored me to get on with my future and look ahead. I have found a fantastic room to the north of Sittingbourne. It's a large room with a wonderful view to the East.

It took a lot of stress and anexity to get to this point and I think my parents and folks around me have learned to understand how I struggle with it and how anexity can manifest in actions such as hoarding stuff you don't need and affects on the body, of course my case being my feet. Moving is never easy and feel proud I did all I could. My time at my previous location at Canterbury had proven to be tough as I felt I was taking the can for the actions of others. It's a lesson of renting.

However this new location is a vast improvement on that and it feels like a space where I can harness my creativeness. Ovbiously with both my Warhammer 40k hobby (of which my website is based around) and my photography too this is idea. I also was able to take my coffee table which I can use a modelling space and I'm gonna be happier here.

I took time away to focus on my move and hence why I've kinda disappeared. I'm back and ready to continue my journey. In moving to this new place I made a promise that I will work to increase my income and eventully be ready to make the move I dream of, up to Scotland. But for now? The Only Way Is Swale (folks from the UK, this is a reference to that TV programme that riles everyone known as 'TOWIE' aka 'The Only Way Is Essex')

I'm glad to be getting back to normal.

Must go forward, not back :)

Hope all is well


(Photo was taken at Patrixbourne, Kent on 24.07.19)

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firstlearn Premium
Glad to see you back and settled Chris. Let the games begin.

lesabre Premium
Hi Chris, this is great. Glad to hear you have settled in and you are liking the new place.

Best wishes,

Carson2 Premium
A big job Chris. Glad it has come about for you. Here's to success.