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Last Update: September 08, 2019

It's been a tough few weeks dealing with mental health and trying to change seemingly bad habits has proven to be a challenging thing. Trying to focus the energy is not always easy.


There is a meaning in the phrase 'never put your eggs in one basket'. My first site has kinda slowed because it is dependent on myself working with my Warhammer hobby and the photography stuff needs a bit more work. I look at these examples and feel that trying to build affliate marketing around them will require a bit more proto investiment. I'm also distracted by the political turmoil my part of the world is dominating the news (this is as FAR as I'll go cause that isn't what WA is for).

Anyway I've started too look at what else is there. I've begun researching the sport of Rugby Union as possible a niche and already found a good affliate program around supplements for rugby players. I've had a bit of a think that as the Rugby World Cup is this is Autumn this would be a great time to get into the niche as it will be hot. This is something I've already had success with with my Chaos Space Marine review getting indexed.

Sometimes it's worth looking at what is on the table. Now the problem with Warhammer that it's vastness requires afterthought and planning, and this kind of blog is something that is hard to sit down and do when you aren't sure to write about. At least with a sport you can at least write an article on say a team, something about what the Scrum is etc. It's important that I have a reason to dive stright onto the computer.


Writing is something I don't do enough of and I've recalled my days in college where I could write stuff complex and get good grades. I never imagined that writing blogs can become a business but what I've learned since joining this platform is that it's possible. I'm just used to working a full time job where I'm not expected to use my long disused talent. But from the way I express myself that maybe writing is a better way for me. In fact I follow sport via a live text commentary (following the Ashes cricket live on the Guardian website for example.

I made a promise to myself that if I moved to Sittingbourne I'd need to supplicant my income because I desire a future away from the pyshical pain of full time factory work. I feel stepping back helps. I've began a habit of going to a location away from home with a notepad and brainstorm and bullet point. My shopping list ended up with more nuitruition than the usual 15 quids worth of rubbish. And that goes to show!

My problem is that I need to learn to hone that focus. I often go through long periods of not posting and then see the followers vanish on my instagram. I start well then loose momentum. It will take a lot to get that on the straight and narrow but we all have to make changes. If I want this to succeed I need to look at various ideas, try things. If something isn't working, you either change it or let it go to focus on a more fruitful project. I certainly need to learn to run with an idea off the bat and try it.

After all Rome wasn't built in a day.

I've already tried a few things and I'm already seeing that I'm slightly more productive than I realised! Anyway thanks for reading and as I hope for success long term, I hope the same for everyone else at WA.



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JKulk1 Premium
It's so important to make sure your niche isn't to narrow. You need to choose something you can not only write heaps about but can also find plenty of products to review. Jim
mstewardit Premium
I should imagine building a niche around 40k would be quite limiting. Maybe you could do things like club and event recommendations. My son goes up to Warhammer world a couple of times a year and he spends a lot of time at Chatham and Gillingham warhammer shops as well as Rochester games and models. You will definitely find more affiliation around rugby union as there are a lot of spin offs. I wish you good luck.