My First Twitter Tweet

Last Update: September 20, 2015

Okay, its done. And redone. And redone again. I think it finally took me 6 tries, a profile redo and a lot of checking and double checking, but I'm now entered the land of Tweeters (or is it twits?)

I'm finding that never is a word I need to take out of my personal dictionary. At 55 years old, I never thought I would be tweeting like my grandkids, here I am, chirping away. I've even sort of understanding the whole # thing. In my day we just called it a number sign. Now is there a new icon for the number sign? Its so hard to keep up with all the technology changes.

Its done though. Heavy sigh of relief. If i can do it, ANYONE can, and I do mean anyone. Remember, I'm the one with the flashing clock on her VCR? Technology is pulling me into the 21st century, like it or not (or was that Facebook? - i get so confused).

Once again the training at Wealthy Affiliate and my mentors (over 1,000 of them to date) have shown me the way. Now if i can just figure out what that is. Cute character.

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Kathy331 Premium
Well done Cathy, Twitter is a challenge!
Cathy2219 Premium
Doing my best to get it under control...reading all the training I can
ChrisBraccia Premium
Each accomplish no matter how small keeps us going in the right direction!
pattucker Premium
Good going... I felt the same..kid in a candy store feeling that is. Pat
BVisan Premium
Hey there
This is just the first step. More to come.
Keep up the great work!
Cathy2219 Premium
I have a major case of ADHD when it comes to WA. Feel like a kid in a candystore, wanting to look at everything all at the same time. Hard for me to stay focused and stay on course with the training, but i'm forcing myself. I'll always follow someone making money.
krazykat Premium
Hash tag chirp, chirp. Lol. I can relate :-)
Cathy2219 Premium
when i first heard people talking about tweeting i thought they were nuts. Now here i am joining in.