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This is an age-old question that may be very difficult to answer. We are all chasing an elusive 'happiness' but what does this really mean? Is it about being able to purchase everything you desire, or is it more about finding inner peace? And how can we find happiness at work?This is something that has a huge impact on your daily life. Every time you go to purchase something, whether it be food, clothing, a present for someone else or entertainment, it is with money that you have worked hard fo
Today I attended the Paris Marathon. Not as a runner but as an active supporter, the technical term I believe is runner's widow. There were 57,000 runners in this event - it was huge! This means there were 57,000 different reasons for people participating in the event. It doesn't matter what time you were aiming to finish the marathon, or what time you actually did complete it; anyone who ran today dedicated months of training, diet and lifestyle modification in order to be ready. My husband sa
March 27, 2016
Like everyone else here I have taken the plunge and become a premium member of WA. How exciting to be a part of this amazing community!I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first of all of the positive reviews of WA. Because we all know that if something sounds too good to be true then it must be right?! However, after working through the first course and reading so many comments and blog posts, I can see that this is not some 'easy money' scam, but in fact a tried and tested way to set up