Performance So Far And Future Goals

Last Update: November 08, 2019

Hi everybody

I am now on my very last lesson 10 of Level 5 of the OEC training, so I wanted to share my performance so far and future goals.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate mid August this year 2019. In a week I was confident enough and upgraded to Premium and there was no disappointment about the speedy decision. Once I had finished the first 10 lessons, I wanted to go on learning.

Action taken:

I have managed to build up my Health website from scratch (first time :), though I had worked on other website/shop admin panels before), and I´m happy with my niche, as I write about what I like and what I do to treat myself, and I really wish more people do the same and dedicate time to pamper themselves.

I enjoyed all the training so far, including the videos. I followed the course through and completed all the tasks' except for opening a FB account as I decided I have no time for it.

My site health says it´s pretty good; mostly 100% except for the publishing which went down to 40% during my recent 10-day vacation. Consequently, site trust is only at 20% as I need to add more content.

All posts except for the last 2 are indexed, but I have never checked the ranking yet.

No sales so far :(

Content Goals in the next 3-6 months

  • I plan to post 5-10 monthly articles (more if I can but I´m only working P/T on this).
  • Revise affiliate links and join other affiliate programs.
  • Select long tail keywords. I usually find lots of interesting things to write about, just by observing people and things around me.
  • Give & Take site comments (ongoing).
  • As soon as I publish a new post I immediately post it on Google Console and social media to help with indexing, and so far it worked.
  • Check how I can improve SEO in all my content.
  • At the end of the 6 months I will probably opt for google ad campaign to aid sales.

I take the opportunity to thank:

  • Kyle, Carson, Jay for the wonderful setup here at WA,
  • Site Support, a really brilliant team
  • All members at WA who are amazing people. It´s so cool to post a comment or query and have a reply the 24h. I love it.
  • My mentor @VitaliyG, as he´s always quick in replying whenever I have any doubts.

Finally, I have a question for you all?

Do you have any suggestions on how to STAY DISCIPLINED and do the work when you are not following the course?

I thought perhaps I should revise the course once again, this way I will feel obliged to write more content as part of the tasks' given.

Thank you for your time reading this, and wish everybody best of luck and many sales.

Have a great evening. Marisa

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ClaudiaAlex1 Premium
Excellent, Marisa! You are doing a great job! Thanking you so much for posting, in doing this you are helping more members to see that they too are doing well.

I will be happy to see how the others will suggest you balance your time and stay disciplined. I need help there also! 😄

Wishing you all the best!
Caruana Premium
Thank you Claudia
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Marisa! This is absolutely terrific! I think you're doing an amazing job and your goals are absolutely attainable!! I'm cheering for ya, girl!! Go after all those milestones!! Your future is bright!


PS - I'm not a good one to ask about staying disciplined! I'm the campus squirrel - always all over the place! However, I have HEARD that writing notes/lists and setting a timer helps! ;)
Caruana Premium
Thanks for the tip Heidi ;)
David960 Premium
Set a time each day, half hour to an hour, to work on writing content. Obviously, more time if you can. Start small and build from there.

Small successes will grow,
Caruana Premium
Good advice David. I will try my very best as I love it here. Thank you.
timstime20 Premium
When setting goals ... set a reward system with the goal... it can even be something as simple as a Pepsi or your favorite drink... deny yourself the drink until the goal is met .. this is for goals that can be met in a short period of time.. may this help
Caruana Premium
Hi Tim, I love the goal and reward method. I do use it already, maybe way too much :) as I´m always in for a treat. Thank you
steeph Premium
Those are amazing goals. Im sure you will accomplish everything you set your mind for. As to suggestions, I’m struggling myself to stay motivated and focused, but I try to be active over here, do research and open up my mind a little bit more each day so I can actually improve my website.

Good luck!
Caruana Premium
Hi, let´s try and do what we can and hope for the best. wish you luck too. Cheers