University Course in Wordpress

Last Update: July 06, 2015

Over the weekend I saw something quite interesting that I thought I would share. The University in my area is advertising a short course in Website Building using WordPress! It's a pretty short course lasting less than a month. I think they have classes twice a week.

The thing is, it costs around $460, which is more than an annual membership at Wealthy Affiliate. I have not seen a course outline but based on the description I doubt they would cover half the topics that are available at WA.

I think I'll have to hang out at the University's Administration office and whisper that to the people going to sign up for the course!

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ngraddon Premium
Touche! Wordpress is independent of WA. WA just happens to use Wordpress. I personally know several people from around the world who are using Wordpress to build websites. WA has built a platform on Wordpress to assist people in building websites easily and quickly.

Try to get a penny for redirecting people :)
Carriedaway Premium
Oh for sure, I'll try to earn a few pennies. lol. I think focusing on Wordpress alone seems a bit narrow. It leaves out so many other topics that are covered in the lessons here.