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Over the weekend I saw something quite interesting that I thought I would share. The University in my area is advertising a short course in Website Building using WordPress! It's a pretty short course lasting less than a month. I think they have classes twice a week.The thing is, it costs around $460, which is more than an annual membership at Wealthy Affiliate. I have not seen a course outline but based on the description I doubt they would cover half the topics that are available at WA.I think
Today's accomplishments: I set up Google Analytics and applied for Adsense. So far so good. But now, I'm starting Level 4, which focuses on social Networking. Aaaah... you would think this would be super easy but I generally am a private sorta person, preferring to keep under the radar. I have a Facebook account with no profile picture, I post up pictures for a day and take them down by the next day. My friend list is less than 100 and have my settings so private that people can hardly find me.
As a fairly new member of WA, I am a bit challenged when it comes to maneuvering WordPress. I only recently realized that there is a link on the WA site that is dedicated to WordPress and I've been going through some of the questions and lessons. Of course, some of it goes right over my head but others are helpful. I've found the lessons here are more targeted to WordPress than the actual Certification Courses. New members, click this link for WordPress topics:
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April 09, 2015
This is my 4th week at Wealthy Affiliates and I am really enjoying the course. Everything is laid out step by step and easy to follow, which is great for a person like me who has absolutely zero experience in website creation, blogging or affiliate marketing. It is quite a bit of work, I am not yet able to write an article in 15 minutes like Kyle can, I take an entire morning or maybe even a day, depending on the topic, lol. I have had a few minor challenges so far but I got answers from others
April 02, 2015
So, I went Premium yesterday, yay! I think it’s a step in the right direction for me. Just a week ago I had no idea about building a website, keyword searching or Site Engine Optimization and now I do. My journey to Wealthy Associates started a few weeks ago. It was a slow week at work, I was tired of enduring the dreaded two-hour commute to the office and I started to wonder if there were any legitimate ways to make extra income online. I asked the mighty Google this question and I came up w
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