These disappointing moments in affiliate marketing .

Last Update: January 08, 2019

... when you have worked hard on your affiliate website for over a year and are looking forward to recurring yearly commission that never arrive.

After some time you can't believe that all these people who signed up for the service have cancelled their membership and you finally ask your affiliate manager whether there are recurring commissions at all and he tells you:

"Oh we have ceased the recurring commissions program because the affiliates wanted to have more money upfront. There won't be any recurring commissions!"

You realize that the upfront commissions are not higher than a year ago and there has never been an information on any change of terms and conditions.

It's probably a cultural thing but such disloyal behavior bothers me extremely.

What do I learn from this?

  • Not to put all my eggs in 1 basket - do not promote mainly 1 product because the vendor can change his business conditions unpredictably.
  • Do not lose heart - there are enough alternatives out there.
  • The loyalty of a business towards their affiliates shows the character of the people behind it.
  • Accept cultural differences - what I as European consider disloyal is probably normal business practice in other parts of the world.

Key is probably not to give up. Well - there is only a "few little changes" to be made on my website:-)


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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Sibylle, you have touched on some really valid points that we should all have on our radar.

The cultural differences are a huge factor.

At times we need to learn to roll with what is happening, and the biggest take home.

Diversify, diversify, diversify.

Top of the range is to develop our own products.

Hope that this did not impact you too much.

Best wishes for a creative and successful year.

Thank you for your reminder.

carpediem1 Premium
Thanks, Alex for your comment, yep, I really think that at some point we should develop our own products. And you are right, diversification is really a must.
I wish you a successful year as well.
merlynmac Premium
Ugh...that's disheartening for sure. Don't lose faith. Drop dead weight and move on.