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As you all know, as members of WA, a niche is a problem you help to solve with the information you provide on your website. Sometimes it's hard to think of a niche if you don't want to take one that has been used by thousands of people already.Just recently, I read about the concept of "creating a niche or a problem" that doesn't exist yet and create your business around that. This basically means you solve a problem that people don't know they have but would be lucky to have it resolved. But h
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... when you have worked hard on your affiliate website for over a year and are looking forward to recurring yearly commission that never arrive.After some time you can't believe that all these people who signed up for the service have cancelled their membership and you finally ask your affiliate manager whether there are recurring commissions at all and he tells you: "Oh we have ceased the recurring commissions program because the affiliates wanted to have more money upfront. There won't be an
There might be times when you need to find your post or page ID in Wordpress, i.e. if you need it for the installation of a plugin or for the code if you want to have a post de-indexed in Google etc.The post ID is easy to find:Go to your Wordpress Admin area.Search the page or post you need the ID of, then1. hover over your post with the cursor2. a tooltip popup will appear on the bottom of the screen with the ID number of your post showing up between the = and & sign.Voila, that's how easy
November 05, 2017
It's a long time since I wrote my last blog post here at WA. I just wanted to give a short update on my "sales". I have never been a huge fan of social media. Thus I basically skipped the WA training about it. What helped me a lot in increasing my sales were two things:- investing in Google adverts- using a keyword tools that works for the German languageSince August my sales have increased dramatically. For investing about $ 5,-- in ads I made a sale of $30,-- on average.Therefore the saying
Adding a scrollbar to a table is useful, if you want to add additional rows to the table that don't fit into the normal screen or when the table would be cut in half on a mobile device such as a smartphone with a smaller screen. I run into this issue even though my wordpress theme is responsive. Here is a simple html code that you can add to the html table code which makes your table scrollable:Before the table you add into the html text field:<div style="overflow-x: auto;">After the tabl
August 02, 2016
Woohoo, yesterday I made my first Amazon sale! I was jumping all over the place. I hesitated for a long time to get registered with Amazon because my website was not yet very much developed and traffic is still very low. So I only signed up about 1 month ago (my website is about 8 months old). It's such and encouragement to see that it REALLY works.I just wanted to share that with you to encourage those who are not that fast with website building due to lack of spare time like me.Sibylle
Woohooo, I got my first recurring commission of my recently launched German website that still only has 3 posts. Can't believe it. This made my day. Thanks to WA and all the helpful members!Sibylle
March 05, 2016
I launched a new German website recently with only 3 posts. For one post I did a keyword research with the free keyword tool only. I had only one keyword and the keyword was about a very specific issue that people face in Austria. I posted it and was immediately on page 2 of Google for that specific keyword. Not bad I thought but probably I won't get any hits. What a surprise - yesterday I got an external comment on it. I was so excited. It's such an encouragement to go forward. Sometimes one k