Day Full of Mixed Emotions

Last Update: April 22, 2021

Ever have days when you're feeling both happy and sad at the same time?

I have been very unhappy and homesick much of the time since my move to Florida 2 years ago. Too much stress has caused me to have high blood pressure, which I have never had before. When presented with the choice of staying or going home, I always hesitated, not knowing how that would be possible. I felt that I would be homeless.

It was meant to be.

I went to visit my sister, who lives about 3 hours from where I used to live. While I was there, I took advantage of the opportunity to get my hair cut. I have curly hair, and it is difficult to find a hairdresser who can cut it correctly. So, I never let anyone except Sherry cut my hair.

While Sherry was cutting my hair, I casually asked her if she knew anyone with a house for rent, never expecting to receive the answer that I wanted to hear. Sherry replied, "Yes! My Daddy has an old farmhouse for rent." So, the next day, I went to see the house, signed the lease on the spot, and PRESTO, I was no longer homeless or trapped in a place I did not want to live. I returned to Florida with renewed enthusiasm and started packing.

A new chapter in my life unfolds.

Tomorrow the movers will begin loading the truck around 9:30AM, and I'll soon be on my way to my new life back in the mountains where I long to be. Of course, I'm happy and excited about that. So why do I feel sad at the same time? This chapter in my life has come to a close, and I am excited about the new one I'm embarking upon. But there is also some sadness as the current chapter comes to an end.

I will be offline for a while.

The area I'm moving to is very rural, and there are only 2 internet service providers that are available there. I am probably going to need a satellite internet connection, and there is likely to be a delay before I'm back online. I'm excited about the ideas I have for my website and happy about having the time, peace, and quiet to sit and write as long as I want to without being interrupted. So long for now.... I'll be back soon!


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Rich908 Premium
Consider this as part of your growth. I packed up 40 years ago to move to another country. It was challenging but the rewards were significant.

If I had stayed.I would not have had the opportunity to meet amazing people which includes my wife and visit countries I had on my bucket list.

I have a gratitude list. I am thankful for Life long learning and meeting interesting people around the globe.
CarolMeador Premium
Wow, Rich. That was really a challenge changing cultures and everything. I envy you being able to travel and meet new friends all over the world. That's one thing I really enjoy about WA. Meeting new friends from all over the world is, to me, one of the most important benefits of being a member of WA.
RosanaHart Premium Plus
Glad for your changes!
CarolMeador Premium
Thanks, Rosana. Me, too!
Newme202 Premium
Carol, when there's a will, there definitely will be a way

I know from experience that the environment can affect your mood, attutude and activity

I'm so happy for you, Carol that when an alternate way was provided, you grabbed it with both hands

You are on your way to achieving your goals
Success is within your reach and you are taking advantage of it

Well done and I wish you success on your way going forward
CarolMeador Premium
Thanks so much, Newme.
Newme202 Premium
You're welcome
RogerMackley Premium
I'm happy for you, I think you will love your new situation, so just say goodbye to the blues, you will be to excited to think blue thoughts.
CarolMeador Premium
Thanks, Roger. No blues here, except that gorgeous Carolina blue sky!
lesabre Premium
Hi Carol, it seems amazing that when one door seems to be closing a better one opens up.

Wishing you lots of happiness at your new place.

All the best,

CarolMeador Premium
Thanks so much, Michael.