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On the way to church Sunday morning I saw a man on a bicycle cross the road in front of me not too far ahead and turn onto a side street. Only thing I thought was how foolish it was to cross where he did, when he did, and how dangerous. I was too busy thinking critically of the man to notice what my wife did. When she told me I was amazed.

The man had no legs. Only prosthetic. He was a double amputee and he was out in the cold of the morning going where he had to go. I have no idea where he was going but all my critical spirit and thoughts melted away into this post idea. Here is a man who has no legs, it is freezing cold out, and he is bicycling. Whatever it is he needed he did not let his circumstances stop him from going after it.

Hold that thought.

The Majesty of it All

On the way home I continued this frame of thinking. It was cold, a touch of freezing rain had begun to blast the windshield of our SUV, and the wind was making me have to readjust to straight from time to time.

On this particular stretch of road, River Road it is called, there is of course a river that runs all along the side of the road for miles. Often on that road we would see an eagle standing dominantly on a sand bar in the river. Or an ice bar this time of year. He is normally just standing there and it is not clear if he is resting, fishing, or scanning the sky for his next dinner. But what is clear is that they are territorial birds.

In this storm on that particular day I mention the eagle. "I wonder if the eagle is nestled somewhere waiting out the storm." Then I thought and said, "No he is probably flying high above the storm, untouched and unmolested by the ice and high wind."

The eagle is an incredibly majestic bird. From the things i have read and heard about their habits, they are amazing. But this post is not really about the bird. Only in a round about way. It is a metaphor for when storms in our lives come.

When Storms Come

Often when storms come we retreat. We find a place to get nestled down where we can feel safe. Where it is warm and comfortable. But success never really comes through being comfortable. It comes through stepping out of our comfort zone. When storms come take every opportunity to learn from them. To learn how to fly on wings as eagles do. Far above the cold and wind of the storm. Now we cannot literally do that. We cannot fly. But we can adopt a frame of thinking that allows us, in our mind and in our spirit, to soar.

It is inevitable that storms will come. They always do. But it is in how we respond to the storms that will determine if we soar or if we sink. If we soar or retreat to someplace safe.

The cyclist had his storms no doubt. But as I think about the way he glided across that street and casually and gracefully sailed toward another direction. I am amazed.

Soar Like an Eagle

What about you? What is your response when storms come? How do you respond when the way is uncertain or difficult? Well I know the answer in part. I know because you are here. You are learning a new skill and growing wings. You are beginning to understand how to fly with the most majestic of birds.

There will be difficulty in your online journey. There will be struggles. Know that they will only serve to make you stronger. If your legs have been yanked out from under you (as they sometimes are - it is sometimes what others do); if your legs have been yanked out from under you, do not give up. You can find another means of getting where you want to go. You can stand tall and continue to progress. You do not have to be knocked back or knocked down, you can see it as opportunity knocking. An opportunity to grow and get stronger.

Your stiffest competition will always ex[exploit your most obvious weaknesses. Use that as an occasion to strengthen those very areas in which you are weak. If not you let the bully win. Keep pushing on. Fight the good fight. Keep peddling onward. And soar like an eagle!Let

Let Me Help

My life's goal is to encourage and inspire others. To build lasting and mutually beneficial relationships both in person and online. If there is something that has you down or that is beating upon you. If there are things that cause you to want to give up and retreat. Don't do it. Reach out to me and let me help. If all I have to offer is encouragement then it is something. But I have ideas too. Two minds are better than one they say. So reach out to me and let me help. I cannot promise you answers but I can promise you this, I will never betray your trust. I will never give up trying to help.

You may be good. In a good place and not needing help. But surely this must have encouraged you or inspired you in some way. Or perhaps you have something further to add to intensify the inspiration to others here. Comment below. I would love to hear from you. Even if it is to say, "Wow! That cyclist is going to go far!" Talk to you soon.

Kind regards always,

Dancing Carl

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To be an Eagle or a Turkey is of your choice. Work as a team and go places where others dare. As a team, we all grow.

Absolutely agree Tom. Thanks! :0)

Thank you for a great and encouraging blog post Carl! Every one of us reading your blog post will have faced problems and mountains and we have to choose whether we are going to let that mountain rule us or fly like the eagle and cast that mountain out into the sea!

It's great to encourage each other Carl and I know this is something that you are setting out to do, which is absolutely fantastic! Let's choose to soar like the eagle!

I remember Daniel Kolenda from CFAN telling the story of the chicken and the eagle, it's a powerful story and a great reminder for us to soar like the eagle!

Wishing you a great weekend Carl.


Thank you Roy. I am going to have some time to do some chats this weekend with a snow storm rolling in. As long as I do not lose power I can chat tomorrow and Monday. You available? Let's chat.

Hello Carl,

Thank you for your message, I guess that I should be around after church, I guess after 230-ish UK time. I think we said that you are four hours behind the UK. Stay warm Carl and I hope your electricity stays on, do you have a backup generator.

Catch you soon.


I missed the window of opportunity here Roy. I do not have a back up generator. But we did not lose power. Instead we were all spring cleaning and preparing bags of clothes to give away at the local Goodwill.

No problem Carl, we can speak at some point very soon.

It sounds like you were spending your time for a good course, which is great!

Enjoy your day Carl and I will catch you soon.


Thank you Roy. You also my friend.

Thanks Carl. It's comforting to know I can reach out to you for help. I know a lot of members feel this way, but when it's necessary to reach out to someone, we often don't know who. I know I am in a stagnant place right now and I don't know what I need to do to get moving, but when I figure it out I just might reach out to you for help!

I just began a 90 day plan for targeted and intentional results. When I am finished I will start another 90 day plan. When I am done that --- yet another. I can get you a link to the planner I am using if you wish. :0)

But please do not hesitate to reach out. Never! Reach out whenever. What I lack in free time I make up in accessibility.

yes, I'd like a link to that planner. Thanks.

"Fly like an Eagle not Scratch around like a scrub turkey." Tom Short.

Love it! Yes we can scratch around
and not get very far at all. Yes? :0)

Thank you Tom!

Hi Carl good to see you, and all the best for a creative and successful year.

A very reflective post hope all is well in your world and your flow is going well?

It can work in strange ways at times, sometimes we need answers even without asking the question, and even stranger the answers arrive.

Great post, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Good to see you too Alex. You haven't changed a bit. :0)

All the best to you for lasting and sustainable success this new year! This is the year! Things couldn't be better my friend. I had a bit of a set back but my Team is growing again and stronger than ever. Trouble has a way of uniting a Team.

Thank you for your compliment to my post.

You are most welcome Carl.

Good to hear that you are over your set back, to true, moving forward rough waters can definitely bring a team together.

Absolutely! In magnificent ways. Thank you Alexander.

Hi carl long time no see
What do i do well i soar like the eagle no matter what
Read my blog here...if you think you can you will know me better. i will touch base with you soon my friend

I posted on Facebook recently but got little response that "Within the construct of the laws of nature; what is possible is limited by how pliable we allow ourselves to be, and what is plausible is only defined by the limits of our practicality." Basically - If you think you can you can. :0) Absolutely agree! Talk soon.

Carl this was a beautifully constructed post. I loved your metaphors and analogies and the messages they conveyed are both inspirational and challenging.
The word pictures were also beautiful as in my mind I could see clearly the man with prosthetics riding and the eagle soaring above the storm. You are a gifted writer .
Thank you for sharing

Judy thank you so much! I really appreciate that. It is my greatest joy to inspire and encourage. I find nothing else as pleasurable. But then that being said, it is not all that altruistic if I am doing it for that purpose. I work at doing it for pure and clean, self-giving motives rather than for the return of joy for doing it.

Great post Carl. I've been through many storms in my life. Each time I encounter a new one I handle it better. Tradegy is the worst storm of all, and the hardest to handle. Jim

Tragedy is hard! I agree. The pain we feel then allows us to have a good degree of compassion towards others when tragedy hits their lives also. And we learn peace in life's storms. We even learn gratitude after moving past the "Why?!" questions. Thank you Jim for your comment and encouragement.

Inspirational Post Karl

Hey Rich thanks a lot! I was inspired by these events and thoughts so it would not be fit to keep it all to myself. I believe we are inspired, encouraged, and helped when we need it because of kindness - but also so that we can be an inspiration, encouragement, and help to others when they need it too.

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