Reflecting You

Last Update: January 05, 2019

I noticed on the way into work this morning something that seemed profound to me. The manufactured light posts were standing tall near the warehouse part of our factory. And off to the left as we drove in the mile or so to the main building, the trees stood tall in the dark and fog of the brisk morning. And I thought this, "Have you noticed that all strong things stand upright?"

The trees. The light posts. Even my grandfather in his final years with failing health stood upright. Hunched a bit but nevertheless, upright. He was a good man. He worked hard. He provided for his family. He was an upright man.

Let Your Light Shine

Then I noticed the lights from the building shining bright and causing shafts of light beams in the morning fog. Have you ever noticed that powerful things tend to shine brightly. Sometimes, like a firefly, they are frail but powerful wise in the way that they were designed. Many things that have an internal power shine for those around them to see clearly. It identifies them. Separates them from those things only shrouded in darkness.

As you dance around online seeking to build your own self-branding and making a name for yourself; let your light shine brightly. Your heart for others. Your caring. Your kindness. Your good intentions to help others as you help one another.

Reflecting You

I have been reflecting much on the year that just passed. We do that every year. Yes? There were a lot of successes. And a few set backs. But even those set backs afforded me opportunity to learn. I love how that works when you are predisposed to want to learn. Is that you? Are you willing to take your setbacks and make them opportunities to learn? The fact that you are here reading this indicates in part that you are in fact this way. I am glad for that. If you are steadfast in your willingness to learn. If you let your light of goodwill shine before men. If you take time regularly to reflect on days past as you plan for days ahead. As you're reflecting you will project as well. The 'reflecting you' will impact others in ways that you cannot even imagine. Wisdom works that way. And it is also the path to incredible influence for the good and help of others.

Moving Forward

Moving forward I will use the rear view mirror for sure. I will use my rear view but I will keep my eyes on the road ahead as we gain momentum into the unknown. Even beyond the fog of what I cannot see, I can see shapes and turns taking shape, way in the ways ahead. I have traveled this road before. Just not in these same exact conditions. Reflecting on the journeys here from the past I can navigate the next step, the next turn, the next move. What we do intentionally for long enough we will eventually begin to do intuitively. Looking back from time to time will enable us to develop a solid vision for the future. The future of your own business and life; and the future of all of those who look to you for motivation, or inspiration, or leadership.

Stay Strong and Grow

Standing upright in the storms of life is not always the easiest thing to do. And often fate (I happen to believe it is more than simple fate); fate provides others to help you when the storm pounds relentlessly. Then the calm in the storm comes. The clouds break and the sun shines through. There are others that are available nearby to help when you feel like giving in to the urge to give up. Don't quit. Stay strong and grow. Things that are strong stand upright. And sometimes the growing is simply your roots growing and anchoring around things that are firm and stable.

You can do it. I know you can. Stand upright. Dig your roots in. Let your light shine. Reflect the you that you are today. And comment here below so I can celebrate you too.

Kind regards.

I hope you do not mind my ramblings this winter morning.
It is cold outside but its is warm in my heart.

Cheers! And let's connect.

Dancing Carl

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ThaboN Premium
Hi Carl,
This is a very inspiring post. Have a great 2019!

CarlJDill Premium
Thank you Thabo! We will have a fantastic 2019!
I am glad that you found this inspiring. You inspire me!
Fleeky Premium Plus
Happy and blessed 2019 Carl!

Well written and very inspiring indeed

Become a second nature

CarlJDill Premium
Exactly! Thank you friend. :0)

I appreciate the encouragement. I threw it together in a matter of minutes as I was preparing to start my workday.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Thank you
ColleenLVSJC Premium
I always appreciate your heartfelt posts, encouragement, and wisdom, Carl! We bend and flex like a tree when storms come, but we always move back to our upright position. :)

Have a Healthy, Happy, & Prosperous 2019!
CarlJDill Premium
You also Colleen. Happy and healthy indeed! :0)
Thank you for your kind words here.
HeidiY Premium
What a wonderful pearl of wisdom - “What we do intentionally for long enough we will eventually begin to do intuitively.”

I love this, it gives me hope for the next 12 months. Thank you.
CarlJDill Premium
The quote is something that I repeat often. It is one of those rare Carlism's that I can claim. And it is such a great lesson too. I am glad you will benefit from it. :0)
ownonlboss Premium
Yes and if you have read the kondomarie method to tidying, you will also apply the rule of setting things upright in the same manner inside your house.

Quite amazing really, what impact that kind of thing has to things as well as to our mind, body and soul.

CarlJDill Premium
Interesting. I will have to check out the kondomarie method. Thanks for the tip. And thanks for the comment. :0)