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July 31, 2017
Hello, dear Colleagues;I spent this past weekend with the Family, including, my Great-Grand nieces.Meet my shining stars, from left to right, Isabela, Chloe, Adriana, and Lily.It was a time filled with joy and love!!My best wishes for a happy, safe and productive week.Lisa
Hello Dear Colleagues;Although I am a cat lover, must recognize that dogs are also fun companions.Pixabay-GellingerYesterday, I read an article related to tips to keep in mind when planning a hiking trip with our dog. I thought it would be a good reminder to share. Hiking is a great activity for you and your dog. It doesn’t have to be a long arduous journey into the mountains or the desert. A simple hike on a nature trail will provide good exercise for both of you. There are saddlebag
July 23, 2017
Hello ColleaguesEnjoy the beauty and the challenges of life.Have a great day, evening or whatever time it is in your world.Lisa
July 13, 2017
Hello Dear Colleagues;I received this message form my Brazilian Community.Pixabay by HypnoArt Please let all your contacts in Messenger list to not accept the friendship request Jayden k. Smith. He is a hacker and has connected with your facebook account. If any of your contacts accept it you will also be hacked, so make sure all your friends know it. Thank you. Hackers are always looking for ways to complicate lives.Lisa
July 04, 2017
Good day Colleagues'Building a successful Site using the right Keywords Now, you have a domain name and a website that is fully functional and somewhat attractive. Maybe, you have already written some articles about your product and successfully have created a blog. What you need to do now is to study to improve SEO keyword awareness to help with your SEO results.Pixabay-ArtsyBeeSearch engine optimization (SEO) is a label that has been around for a few years now and referred to how search engin
June 29, 2017
Good day My Colleagues!I came across the quotes below and want to share with you.Thoughts of the day:From Respect Quotes.Enjoy your day!Lisa
June 12, 2017
Hello Dear Colleagues As we grow older, the cell renewal process takes a back seat, and the natural skin aging process takes place gradually over the years. Our skin loses its elasticity; becomes thinner, drier and pale; pores may begin to increase in size and wrinkles appear on the skin.Pixabay-Alber Einstein by ParentRapApart from the age factor, the other reasons for premature aging are due to the environment pollution, work related stress, lifestyle, chronic illness and medications. Whil
May 29, 2017
Hello Dear ColleaguesDry, cracked hands is a problem for many people. Sadly, for some individuals, the problem becomes chronic. This condition, In addition to giving an unhygienic appearance, the small wounds open the door to Bloodborne Pathogens and infections; however, there are some home remedies which, in general (as long as we are not suffering from fungus infection or metabolic/medical condition) will return your hands to a healthy and smooth look.Pixabay-by josch13Coconut and Olive OilWa
May 13, 2017
Hello, my dear Colleagues;Tomorrow, Second Sunday of May, here in the US and many countries around the world, we recognize and celebrate it in a very special way to let our mothers know how grateful we are for bringing us to this journey called life. If you are in a country where this celebration takes place at a different time of the year, does not matter, you are also included in this group "you are a mother." My best wishes for a happy and healthy Mother's Day! Cheers !!Lisa
May 09, 2017
Hello dear colleagues We are still enjoying spring in the Northern Hemisphere!Spring is the one time of year when the expression ‘out with the old and in with the new.' New plans and aspirations for the year ahead are set in place, and it’s up to you to set the plan in motion.Chicken-Pixa-GellingerSpringtime is usually associated with a clear-out of your home, and wardrobes;. Your health shouldn’t be any different and can benefit from scheduling a Dr's. Visit for a full check-