USFreeAds is NOT Accepting Affiliate Ads

Last Update: March 12, 2015

Just went to USFreeAds to start an advertising campaign for my Easy Plan B blog site, which promotes the WA opportunity, and found the following announcement:

"Please be advised that from January 1st 2015 we will no longer be accepting any ads promoting affiliate products or services in any way including ads for websites and blogs advertising affiliate products and services, or ads containing cloaked, masked or redirecting links."

So my question is, where is anyone else putting (free) ads that are getting good response?

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danbarth87 Premium
Thanks for sharing. And no, posting free ads is not a very effective way to grow this business. It's all about search engine optimization and content.
Capn ERyc Premium
Thanx for the tip - never had much luck with that before. Got any other traffic tips for me?