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Last Update: December 03, 2013

I have 'fleshed out' the last of my top-level pages on my WA promo site and the structure is there for future development. Take a look if you have time at Comments welcome - I know, it needs more graphics to enhance the eye-appeal but tell me, please, what you think of the verbage.

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BIS Premium
Hi Eric

I have read through your page as requested,. You're right it does need some images. Here are a couple of other things that you may want to think about.

1. Cut out "In my humble opinion" as the first few words. It's unnecessary and doesn't sound good.

2. Paragraphs - these are far too large and need to be split into smaller ones. People need to be able to skim read. If they see too many large chunks of text, they will leave.

3. Use subheadings and bullet points - you need to start using these within your work to break up the text. See point above.

4. Simplify some of your information - This article is all about a website toolbox. The first thing you talk about is a 'website builder' and you say "You can always get an HTML reference book " - Hold on a sec. People who are new will have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. You need to think about who your target customer is and write for them.

You write well - I just think you need to simplify some of the ways it is put across.

Hope that helps

Capn ERyc Premium
Thanx for your comments, Beverley; I'll take then under advisement.

I write like I think - and I guess that's in big paragraphs - maybe that's why I get interrupted when I'm conversing with friends? I was thinking as I wrote that they should be broken down into smaller bites/bytes.

The whole site is a work-in-progress so there is always room to change/improve it.