No fool like an old fool?

Last Update: December 12, 2015

After I discovered WA, I thought my days of being scammed were well and truly over. Not so! I got sucked in this afternoon.

I received an email from a respectable (I thought) source, telling me of a new opportunity, so I clicked on the link. Yes. I smelled a rat immediately because what I saw was a long, long spiel from some American woman calling herself 'Jenny', telling of how money could be made by reading supplied scripts. I decided to buy the product as it was not too expensive--and if there was anything in the offer, that would be good as my finances are in a particularly gruesome condition at present.

OK. I made the small payment and tried to download the material. This has so far proved impossible. Whenever I hit DOWNLOAD, up came another window with more spiel plus another product to buy. Despite my warning bells ringing loudly, I 'bought' the second product. The same thing happened when I attempted to download. I am ashamed to say I 'bought' the third product in the hope that this upselling would now end. It did not. I bought nothing else. No material has been sent to my email address or downloaded. I have emailed Clickbank and requested a full refund because I have not been able to access the product.

This crowd is called VO Genesis. Has anyone had dealing with them? I couldn't find evidence that they are a scam, but it ticks all the scam boxes. I will be most interested in further information.

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SamiWilliams Premium
Hope lives eternal! We can all be caught if we are not careful!
Thanks for the share,
whitsunday Premium
Yes I came across Voice Over Genesis last week, can't remember where. I will review that program soon, it is such a crock! It was laughable because the guys doing the promo were so hard to understand because of their strong accents. Why didn't they hire a voice over pro? What a pair of crazy crumpets.
So glad Clickbank has a sensible structure.
I buy nothing from any other programs. All it does is distract me from my WA path. I am even very careful which of the supplementary trainings I do at WA. The ones I trust most and have great learning outcomes from are WA official classrooms by Kyle...and then I supplement them with the amazing live video classes by Jay and I trust 3 long term WA members for further guidance.
Every time I have stepped out of that circle, I have just lost ground.
Go well from Janelle
mijareze Premium
Thanks Marion!
MarionBlack Premium
The good bit is that (as far as I can recall) Clickbank offers a money back guarantee. I hope you get a refund.
Calypso47 Premium
I really am a drongo! Why do I do such things?