Looking forward to 2017

Last Update: November 29, 2016

Losing my amazing eldest daughter, after her hugely courageous eight-year fight against breast cancer that had spread just everywhere, ensured that 2016 would be the so far worst-ever year of my life. So much has been chaotic, exhausting and depressing. While I can hear her darling voice saying: 'Get a grip, Mum. Get a grip!' . . . and carry on . . . there have been so many days when I haven't wanted to emerge from under the duvet. I've found my job to be both a saviour and a source of stress--as it is now, with kids feral so close to the end of the school year.

My hope for 2017 is that I will indeed be able to follow Samantha's advice and 'get a grip', focussing more on my WA training and putting that to use on the various websites. I have developed on of these reasonably well and have had to deal with more than 500 comments, most of them excellent--and so encouraging. People have told me what they value on the web page, but no-one has bought anything. This is a real worry. Perhaps, when I am focussed and have sufficient time to strip some content away so the websites can be renewed, things will improve and I will make sales.

In 2017, I also hope that I might get back to my writing. I am not happy with my crime novel set in London, so I am rewriting it from scratch. I am also fired up with completing a further draft of one of my screenplays--and a literary novel that simply won't set itself in my mind properly, even though I have three versions of it. Then there are the notes for another major novel--and I am running out of lifetime.

Come on, scientists! Invent a time machine!

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MPollock Premium
My blessings are with you and she is right on the keep on going mom,
JudeP Premium
All the very best for fresh starts and new beginnings :)
VMthimunye Premium
Hello Calypso
I am so sorry about the loss of daughter over cancer. My that all Mighty heal you broken heart. Co incidentally ,I just lost my first born son over the weekend on a car accident.
We are burying him on Friday 02nd December 2016.
Be still and trust that ,this too is gonna pass
Calypso47 Premium
Dear Vusi:
What a terrible, terrible thing for you to endure! My thoughts are very much with you. May your faith sustain you.