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Last Update: Aug 11, 2018

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As a beginner there's one thing you don't want to waste: TIME.
Because Time once you used it, you will never be able to get it back.

The Time we Spend as a Beginner to Find a Nich is Wrong

Yes finding a niche is the starting point of our business as an Affiliate.
However, if you think too much hesitating asking yourself too many questions to know if this or that will work: It's A Waste Of Time.


As a person new to Online Business, there're just too many skills we need to learn and assimilate.
Just think about it, Once you found a niche, you have to learn to:

  • Create your website with Wordpress
  • Design Graphics with Canva
  • Understand Images Compression
  • Create Interesting Contents, so you need to learn Copywriting
  • Do proper Keyword Researches
  • Become a master in SEO
  • Assimilate all the Google set of tools, like Google Adsense, Google Web Master Tools and so on...
  • Make your Website Responsive or if you prefer Mobile Friendly
  • Speed up your website Loading Speed
  • And the list will go on and go on as you think you're making a lot of progress, which is true
  • However, the journey is so long...

So you just don't want to waste too much time on finding your niche

What're the Solutions

I wouldn't say Solutions because it sounds just too arrogant, I will prefer the word suggestions:

Find your Niche Quick, don't think too much.
What you want is to start creating your website as soon as you can.
Buy a Domain Name, set up your website and start applying what you've learned so far.

But Why?

Because, as a beginner the chance you will make money with your first Niche is I would say 10 to 20 percent.

Just consider your first niche as part of your learning process, mistakes at that point are not very problematic.
People used to say, the best way to learn is to learn from your mistakes.

And you can become a master in something only by repeating the same task again and again.
Bruce Lee used to say:

"I'm not afraid of someone with a thousand of moves.
I'm beware of someone who repeat the same moves a hundred thousand times"

It's your chance to play and to test everything that comes in your mind, don't hesitate, Jump In. And don't hesitate to create your website from scratch again and again.

The Benefits

People always say I'm crazy and I waste my time creating my website again and again.
Yes I'm stupid or whatever you please to call me. However, I can tell you one thing I don't care, because I know once I decided on my good Niche, the one that will make money.
I will build it X10 Times Faster than I used to.

Everything will come faster, because I KNOW, I don't need to ask myself HOW anymore.
I've become familiar with the Road, now I can even take Shortcuts.

To Make It Short

Instead of spending your time on thinking too much.
Use your time to learn and assimilate.

Then Apply, Take Action.

And finally you can build your Dream Business.

Being able to hit the right spot the first time is Impossible, even a Genius will make mistakes.
It's not a shame to failed, the most important is to stand up again and again. And stronger you will become.

PS: It took me about 30 minutes to write this post of about 600 words. 10 months ago It would take me hours.

I believe there're many mistakes, it's not as good as I want it to be.
However, I'm pretty sure it will get better and better as I keep writing.


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Recent Comments


I agree don't waste a lot of time on choosing a niche but do choose one you have a lot of interest in (because you will need to write 100 posts or more about aspects of that niche). Also choose something that has products you can promote with affiliate networks. What I mean, is if you choose something like "drones" there is an endless list of things you can write about, drones, drone parts, drone cameras, drone lessons, drone regulations, drone batteries, places to fly drones, books on drones, images of drones. Some niches may not lend themselves to a variety of products to promote. I tried to think of one but nothing came to mind. Heck, ever erasers have lots of products and types.

Thanks, Shirley for taking the time to share your opinions on that difficult subject.

As you mentioned choosing a niche we have a lot of interests in, it's a good idea, it's exactly how I choose a niche.

It seems you don't have problems choosing a niche, you have a lot of ideas, this is so good for this kind of business.

Loved your post. It is so logical. Thank you..

Thanks to you for taking the time to read it.

I like logic and puzzles, even sometimes I believe what I'm doing is not logic, Lol.

Very good points. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your kind comments.


Pleasure is mine.

Wish you the best on your Online Journey.

Enjoyed reading your post thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your kind comments.

Well, you've done well with this post. No one is perfect and that's why we all need to learn as we go, make mistakes and keep moving forward. It's not easy; which is why so few push through.

Also, as that saying goes about doing something over and over again and expecting different results... don't be that way. Learn something new. Do something different. Improve. Keep going.

I'm beginning to believe that success really is a stepping stone because once you've reached one goal, you'll want to set more goals that are even higher. You'll be able to because you've come as far as you have so far.

Great inspiration here!

A few months ago, I was like "I will start doing this or that Later (I hate this word now, Lol)".

Once I start, learn, do it again with some modifications, keep improving as you mentioned, I realize it has become easier for me to do a lot of things.

When you're in that state of mind it gives you the strength to do more and better.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, highly appreciated.


Thank you for sharing this Calvin!

You're welcome.

Wish you the best on your Online journey, I believe it will be an interesting one as you seem to like learning.

Wish you the best and Welcome to WA and it great Community.


This makes perfect sense.

Thanks for taking the time to read it, highly appreciated.

WA is the best place to learn and it Community is amazing. It's a fantastic and very useful resource for Online Business and Affiliate Marketing.


Good stuff Calvin

Thanks, Lou.

Thanks for sharing, Calvin.

Thanks to you, Roger.

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