Finding The Ideal Mate With Facebook

Last Update: August 06, 2018

You may have heard of Facebook dating service 2 months ago.

Now new sources has confirmed that Facebook is testing a dating service.

Where Can You Access It?

For the moment it's not possible to use it if you're not a Facebook employee.
They're testing it internally only.

What We Know So Far

  • You can create a separate account for this particular Facebook's service.
  • The service is a good fit for people who want to find a serious partner, people who are looking for quick encounter for whatever reason should look at somewhere else.
  • You can only see people who also use the service.
  • Of course Facebook will use the information they have on you to introduce the perfect mate to you.
  • The number of persons you add to your list is limited, it means you can't add as many persons as you want.
  • You will be able to let people who are attending the same event as you to see your profile. Interesting for WA members who will attend the WA Event in Vegas, who knows?
  • The best or worst new depending on who you ask, NO ADDS at the beginning.

What're the Benefits for US, WA Members?

As Facebook stock has been diving since their last earning call, a lot of people are probably asking if using Facebook to drive more traffic is a good thing to do.
Knowing that most of the time in order to drive traffic and convert visitors to buyers, you have to run a Paid Campaign.

The day after Facebook made the announcement for this new service, the owner of dating services Tinder and OK Cupid Match Group plunged by 17%.
This proves that Facebook is still a behemoth.

So YES, I guess we can still bet hugely on Facebook, it's here to stay.

Will You Try It?

I don't know for you, however, as I'm still single, perhaps I can give it a try or 2, Lol.
Honestly I'm not very interest to try Dating App or Service, even now I'm single, but if it's from a company like Facebook, sure I wanna try it.
At least to stay up to date, coming from Facebook, I guess we can meet interesting people outside of the idea of dating.

I won't be surprise that company like Pinterest will create their own dating service if it's a success, it makes sense to their business.


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MKearns Premium
So Zuckerberg is in the matchmaking business hmmm!
CalvinC Premium

It's not so surprising to me, they have all the tools to make it a success.

Now let's see what are their intends.
5-qpq Premium
Hi, Calvin,

Interesting and it is possible that it will work being that Facebook is an authority figure already. I don’t know though.

I like the picture that you have chosen for this article.

Good luck at finding a significant other. Sorry, I’m taken, lol.

Have a good evening and a great week, Calvin.

CalvinC Premium
Hi, Becky

Do you have a twin sister, Lol.

I think it can work for them, they're so big and have so many data on users.
They can use that to their advantage.

My first choice was a picture of Mark Zuckerberg and his wife.
I don't know why when I hit Publish, the post doesn't want to publish. So I thought it's because of the picture, then I made a change. However, still can't publish. Save the post, get back to the dashboard, hit the Publish Button again, then here I am.

I guess it means to be that particular picture, Lol.

Have a great week also.

5-qpq Premium
Hi, Calvin,

I believe that is exactly how it works sometimes, and in this case it is so, and no I'm not talking about dating my sister's, lol. They is all married.

You have a nice sense of humour and hope to chat again. You're so sweet.

Good luck.

CravenATAT Premium
There are so many dating services that exist today. I think Facebook would be a great platform, but with all the private info on Facebook and their inability to protect that, I would worry that Facebook with increase the harassment and stalking aspects that people fear in online dating.
CalvinC Premium
With all the bad things happening to them, I guess they're smart persons and will be careful about that.

Even now I find a lot of persons who want to add me as friend pretty weird. A lot of scams.

Will wait, try and see how the service will perform and what it can bring to us, people who want to do business online.

It can open up interesting new opportunities.
CravenATAT Premium
This is definitely true. Facebook has been around for quite some time and seem to adapt to current social norms so I am sure they will be fine in the long run
Godsmack12 Premium
Well there's enough cat fishing that goes on in fb. Why not add a dating site to make it more formal. LOL. Sorry had to do it.
CalvinC Premium
I believe they've learned from their previous mistakes.

The good thing it's if they decide to go that way, it means they try to expand.

As Facebook is been used by many persons, it's good for people like us who do business online.
kpercival55 Premium
Interesting...I agree, I think FB is here to stay and it won’t take long for the stock to recover from this latest hiccup.
If you decide to try it out when the time comes good luck!

Kyle Ann
CalvinC Premium
Thanks Kyle Ann.

I think it could be an interesting experience, as it will have limitations, we never know who we will meet.