I Officially have 50 Blog Posts/ Articles On My Website As of Yesterday!

Last Update: Jun 8, 2023

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Hello everyone!

I just wanted to pop over here for a quick moment, and let you know as of yesterday, I officially reached 50 articles/ posts on my website! And I'm really proud of that. I just wanted to let everyone and anyone know who is only just starting out in WA with their new site. This is TOTALLY possible!

You will get there! It may take a lot of TIME, but, you will one day have 50+ posts on your own site as well! And when you get there, I'll be rooting just as hard for you as I am for my own site and self at this very moment.

The biggest thing I've learned so far that I can tell you is that you MUST have PATIENCE! Rome was NOT built in a single day! Nor are websites and business, whether an online business, or a physical business!

I can tell you this from experience, not only in website development, but, I am also a physical business owner. I own a small retail store. And to tell you the honest truth, the first three years we were in business... It was REALLY tough.

There were definitely days were my business partner and I both were thinking "Is it even worth being here today?" "We're barely making enough $$ to pay our own weekly wages and keep the lights on in this place."

Mind you, my retail store is located in a very tiny town, so it would take TIME for word to spread and get around to people in the town. And even still, we weren't seeing super decent profit until about the 3.5-4 year mark of time.

Were there days where things bothered me, or really hard days that made me think "Lets just throw in the towel! This sucks! It's a bad idea obviously, since we're barely making any money!"

Sure! Absolutely! In the first few years, I had these thoughts daily, weekly, monthly. But, did I quit? Did I give up? No. Did I want to? YES. There were days where 110% I wanted to tell my business partner "This isn't worth it!"

But, in years 4 through 5.5 (currently) we have been turning wonderful profit since about 3/4 of the way through year 4 in our business. Had I quit before I even got started, I would have ENTIRELY missed ALL OF THAT!

You MUST have PATIENCE, and take your TIME! Success is NOT created overnight. You have to BUILD a business. And that takes TIME and EFFORT on your part. I'm sure we'd all love for it to be as easy as just hanging a sign on the front door of our home.

And within minutes we'd have lines down the street of people offering to purchase what we have to offer. But, in reality it's not that easy. Business, is HARD. It's HARD work, it's a TON of effort. And success is NOT guaranteed!

Not to mention, statistically, 4 people in the exact same industry of business could start the exact same type of restaurant, or store, etc. And of those 4 people, ONE of them, will actually make a go of their business, and truly succeed.

Why is this the case? Because most people don't realize the work that goes into building a business. If you're a restaurant owner, you have to be PRESENT in your restaurant, approximately 12+ hours per day.

Lots of people think anyone can own a restaurant, sure, they can, but, they aren't going to have a very good restaurant, if they aren't working in their own restaurant every single day, to build that restaurant into one that is a household name everywhere.

The same is true with ANY other business! Because you're not just building a business, you're building a BRAND as well. This can take TIME, a LOT of TIME!

I'll give you an example that everyone can relate to. Everyone is familiar with the salty, crunchy, finger-lickin'-goodness of that bucket of chicken we all love right? Also known as K.F.C. or Kentucky Fried Chicken, right?

Well, the Colonel... The man who created that product that we all know and love, and is a WORLDWIDE brand and chain of VERY SUCCESSFUL fast-food restaurants today. He had a whole slew of failed business attempts, failed job prospects!

The Colonel dropped out of high-school, made MANY attempts at owning businesses, NONE of which garnered success. This is someone who in the beginning of his fried chicken business was ONLY earning 5 pennies for every chicken bird he sold.

And even after 2 failed attempts of owning his own restaurant and trying to make a name and brand for his fried chicken... He still had NO success. It wasn't until he was 66 years young, that he actually had 600 KFC locations across Canada, in the UK, Mexico, and Jamaica.

Even with these 600 locations, he wasn't making his fortune of successful $$$ until his mid-70's. That's pretty crazy right? It took ALL of that TIME for him to learn his business and brand, and to actually make a single dime $$.

But, he did say many things in his time that we can LEARN from him and his attempts at failed business, and ultimately a VERY successful one in the end too.

"I've only had 2 rules. Do all you can, and do it the best you can." - Colonel Sanders.

Another example of failures that turned into success that you can relate to might also be those of Oprah Winfrey. Oprah was FIRED from her first job in Television.

She started out as a news reporter, and she couldn't seem to separate the stories she was reporting on, from her emotions that became tied to those stories. The television station decided to fire her because of this. She was in her 20's when this happened.

It wasn't until Oprah was 32 years young, that she gained national recognition for having her own television talk show, and she didn't become a millionaire until she was 32 either.

And she has often said that it literally took that moment of getting fired from being a news reporter, for her really start to have a lot more personal growth in her life. And be able to think she was destined for greater things in this life.

In saying that, if she hadn't been fired from her first job in television, what's to say she would have eventually gone on to be the successful TV talk show host we know today? Would Oprah have become Oprah had she not been fired in her 20's?

Or would she have just stayed on at the TV station being a news reporter like any other for the rest of her life? We will never know!

My point is... You should be putting everything you have into your business, and your brand, and your website. And doing all of those things, to the absolute best of your abilities. And it takes time to think of a niche idea!

And it takes time to think of topics you want to write about, it also takes time to work on your website and to build it the way you want to build it. And you may not earn a single penny for the first year, because you're still building your website. But, that's completely OKAY.

And in your first couple of years in business you may not be successful, maybe your idea needs to be tweaked a little bit, maybe you want to change it entirely to a more profitable niche idea etc. Maybe you'll build a website, and an idea, and it'll entirely fail, and that's OKAY too!

But, you NEVER quit! You keep going! You learn from your failures, and mistakes, and you correct them the next time around. And one day, you'll have mastered what NOT to do. And you'll know what you should be doing.

And you will be making $$ in your business. And you will have a SUCCESSFUL business. But, that takes TIME to learn all the things you need to learn.

Business is NOT easy, but, it IS WORTH IT!

So stick with it!

Learn, grow, apply what you learn, and do it again and again, and again. Until you find the edge you're meant to have, and no one else has in your business/ industry. That's when you'll know you've got it right.

I have 50 posts on my website, and I'm NEVER stopping or quitting! Don't quit while you're only just starting out! There's soo much you could miss out on, if you do!

And I couldn't have done all of this without all of YOU here in WA, so thank you for that. Huge thank you to all of you as well! <3

NEVER QUIT!! KEEP GOING!! You will get there!!! It just takes TIME!

Onward and upward from here! <3

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This is so inspiring!
I too have had many failed attempts, I think that's partly my fault, I "give things a go" and when, after several weeks, nothing happens, I think "this isn't working" and give up.
Then onto the "next best thing", and repeat ad-infinitum.

Through WA, and people like yourself, I'm... finally... starting to realise that I have to have... PATIENCE...

Although I've never given up, (I've always had the drive to succeed and the work-ethic and have been constantly "trying" things for years), I've realised I've not given the things long enough to gestate, mature and prosper!

I get it now and I finally feel like I'm on the very long road to success and I WILL succeed!

Thank you WA , Cal and everyone here who give such great advice and all have a wealth of experience and words of encouragement!

Thank you :)


@alexsheehan, thank you! I think you definitely have to give things more than a shot, put some patience in there too! haha. :) It will serve you very well! Trust me! Don't judge your ideas too quickly before they hit the ground and start running. I wish you much success going forward! :)

Wow! You really are flying it aren't you?!!! Keep it going!!

@DFarrell2 :) 50 down, 50 more to go, and then more haha! :) Will do! :)

You are doing great man, keep it up

@WAforLife thank you, and will do! :)

Wow! That is amazing! Keep it all up, Cal!


@Ginerik thank you <3 Will do! :)

That is awesome!

aww, thank-you @Nadia27! :)

Brilliant, nice work Cal! :)

@Kyle thank you! :)

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