Very Happy With Slow But Steady Progress

Last Update: June 22, 2016

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

A little over 2 months have passed and I'm still not yet fully satisfied with my site, so I've been doing a few things during my offline duty break times to update my site and gain steady progress:

  • Create a list of topics to write about using keyword search - done
  • Read and do research about said topics - done
  • Make a writing schedule - done
  • Write posts - 1 post made today :D
  • Find relevant and great stock images for the keywords - done
  • Figure out how to place affiliate links effectively - done
  • Tinker around my theme's customization options - done
  • Test the changes on my theme tester site (which is now gone due to error 500 yesterday) - done
  • Make a new theme tester site - done
  • Apply changes to the sidebar, plugins, and appearance of my website - 30% done

The earnings I got so far were all from Adsense, and I have to create a ton more content so I can make that first affiliate sale.

I'm still not that satisfied, but I will have to read more trainings here first and write more content. And since I can only do those during my free time, so it's going to be slow.

I just placed an amazon product roll on my home page, but I am looking for a better way to place them in the posts page. So far my site,,has greatly improved from day 1, but still really needs improvement.

But after seeing this, I felt relieved and happy with my progress:

. . . . . . .

Cheers to better days ahead!

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kvchung Premium
Great Inspiration Pearl! Keep moving forward!
caisaki Premium
Thanks so much! :)
eddieviray Premium
You've done a good job. It inspires me, too.
caisaki Premium
Salamat po :)
Seahawk8058 Premium
Strong Work!!!!!! Keep it up!!
caisaki Premium
Thank you! :)
JDunyon Premium
Look at you push through!! That's absolutely inspiring.
caisaki Premium
Couldn't have done it without this great community :)
Grateful2016 Premium
Wow. This inspired me! Thanks for the encouragement.
caisaki Premium
I'm happy to share! :)