Manifesting my goal intentions via my blog.

Last Update: January 11, 2013
One of my biggest challenges with starting a business on the Internet has been and still is, keeping myself focused and motivated with the activities necessary to build such a business. I have learned a lot in the past two years about Internet marketing but most of what I've learned is about myself. My propensity for procrastination. I have been told that in the process of goal setting you need to write it down on paper and if you don't, the likelihood of achieving that goal is nil. Now I can get a little notebook and write my goals down in it, then close the cover and forget about it while life happens to me. I guess another way of doing it is to tear the page out and post it next to my mirror in the bathroom or my computer monitor so that you will see it every day. Or I could use my blog as a chronicle record of my goal intentions and let the Internet entrepreneurial community see it as well.
I think this is a very good use for this blog because people who follow me can comment on my successes and give me advice with staying on track and avoiding pitfalls. I could do the same for those that I choose to follow, helping them in their successes by offering advice and motivation.
So I invite anyone who chooses to follow me to join me in this circle of support.
If this works I will develop a training within Wealthy Affiliate around this idea and post it in the training section of my blog.
That said, I want to tell you, one of my first challenges to stay on track is my day job.
During the peak of construction season my day job can get in the way of my online business plans.
I am a hard-surface flooring installer and when business is going strong I'm working most of time. It's very physical and mentally challenging work and at times can run as many as 12 hours per day. So when I get home from a 12 hour day about the last thing I have energy for is developing my online business. Through the months of January and February my work as a flooring installer tapers off dramatically. This is the ideal time to really set my goals and get some traction with my Internet business. If I could put half of the efforts I apply in my day job to my Internet marketing plan, I could have a little extra income to help with the bills when work picks up. Yes I would love to replace my day job with an Internet marketing career but that does not mean that I would stop installing altogether. I'd love to teach my boys the flooring trade cause it is a great trade that they can do on the side while going to school or college. I could also teach them Internet marketing as well, but it's good for a boy to know how to work with his hands as a craftsman.
So my goals for this blog is to begin blogging my intentions, stay active with Wealthy Affiliate community and work through my Entrepreneurial Certification Program. Currently I am in the first lesson and will complete it by the end of this weekend January 12 and 13. I will keep you all posted on my goals and progress via my blog. till next blog.
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Hudson Premium
Great, you do this and you will find that it works. Wishing you success,
Rick Jantz Premium
This is great. I find the same difficulties with the day job, too and finding the balance. Throw a couple of teenagers in there and life is busy. But I'm in WA for the long haul so I'm learning patience. I, too, am getting better at writing my goals down and getting focused. Thanks for your blog and I look forward to the next one.