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While thinking of ways to increase my chances of learning and becoming successful. I realized that I would need to invest as much time as possible with my online endeavors. Now of course the same would hold true for any offline training or business. Trying to accomplish something new can take both time and effort. But what if you're all for the effort part, but there seems to be no time. What I did was change my schedule in such as way as to make more time. For starters I changed my sleeping ti
Today I finally came to the decision to stop avoiding Facebook. In the past I have tried to stay away and not become a member of Facebook. The reasons why are many however I am going to briefly mention a few. For the most part the sheer amount of personal questions they were requesting seemed to be unending. Although I was not personally a user of Facebook almost everyone I know online is signed up with them. There were some who knew when they signed up that they weren't going to be active with
I am now officially a new Premium Member. There were so many compelling reasons for upgrading. Actually I was, although only monetarily considering if I wanted to upgrade. Why would I even consider even remotely passing up such an opportunity?Because it took me a while to realize there was such a thing as new shiny object syndrome. I would have come a lot further by now had I been aware of it's affects on someone just getting started. I'm embarrassed to say that in the past I've wasted more mon