How to get a imagetext and links from amazon

Last Update: January 26, 2016

Well I have a image page on my Website I still have to fill it with pictures. Today I found out how to add links from amazon. Login to your amazon affiliate account. Go to product search, I did a gemstone, Now go across to right side of page-click go. in my case a sapphire stone came up, go over to the right of the page and click Link. Next page you have Text/Image in orange, next text only and image only. I clicked on image only, then went to highlight HTML. Then right click to copy. Back to website, To the post you want your image on. Right side corner of the page again you have visual / text make sure you know where you want you image to go on the post .them click Text You will be on your HTML page of your website, your cursors has to go where you want your image Then click together ctrl - v. update your page and have a look to see if it worked. Go back to amazon and copy text only. back to website, Double click on your picture, media page opens, copy your text into the top line. Update again. Your picture should be on your page with text under it.

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thank's this is really helpful
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Many thanks for sharing.