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October 13, 2018
3 Years.has fast.. I do love/like what i am doing here at WA. Time Poor, I am back and working hard to build my website, it is a online store with my products and suppliers, goods. I will kept going see what happens. I did get sales doing digital downloads.Wendy
October 08, 2017
October 2017 is a two year mark in WA. Last July it cost $486.28 Australian Dollars for WA. I can not afford any more Monthly Payments, when I have not earned one cent from my website.
February 19, 2016
Well I am into my 4th month and I am still doing research. I did a review on my website on WA. When I did my research, I always end up, on some ones site from WA. We are all talking about the same thing, just that there are more advance (smart) people out there, They say not to copy, big but. My plane with the 300 is still at the top of the page , has not taken off yet. I have two websites but one does not show up, on my profile page.I do spend a lot of time on the computer, I do get distra
Well I have a image page on my Website I still have to fill it with pictures. Today I found out how to add links from amazon. Login to your amazon affiliate account. Go to product search, I did a gemstone, Now go across to right side of page-click go. in my case a sapphire stone came up, go over to the right of the page and click Link. Next page you have Text/Image in orange, next text only and image only. I clicked on image only, then went to highlight HTML. Then right click to copy. Back t
December 30, 2015
Well I am back to doing my website ,bought a new computer at Christmas time big screen. Today I started a review post on my website. I am thinking to start all over again and make another website, just so I can understand if I am doing it right. Again still no confidence in what I am doing
Well I have Just seen my Second month Fee has been taken out of my account. I am moving along slowly. I get stuck a lot. Manly because A lot of the stuff I am learning needs to be updated. Today I have been doing google analytics. It took me hours to find out where to put it. First I copy it into plugins- editor. then I went to google got them to do it. third time I went to SEO to copy it and it he tracking number was already there was already there. The SEO is different to the video.
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December 13, 2015
I signed up Premium Wealthy Affiliate because I need a income and I would love to be able to have a online business, As this has cost me nearly $28.00 Australian dollar. for the first month, I need to get started now.