Day 40(?): How To Rejoin WA

Last Update: Jul 2, 2019

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As some of you may (or may not) know, I recently got back from a holiday.

I was shocked at how hard it was to get back into the rythmn of things at WA, and so I thought it might be beneficial to put together a quick little list of the things that helped me!

Of course, these tips also apply to people who have left and rejoined WA, or maybe are even just losing motivation for working!

Here are the 5 things that really made it possible to settle back into my routine:

1: Don't try working the day you get back.

I'm guilty of this one- I got back from holiday, saw that my traffic had dropped, and immediately thought 'I need to get back to work NOW'.

But I just couldn't. I was sluggish and it felt wrong, so I decided to just give myself the rest of the day off.

When I came back to it a day or two later I felt much better; I think it took me a day or two just to get my bearings again!

2: Start slow- ease yourself in.

Even though the days off had given me time to reenergise, I wasn't in the habit of writing. So when I tried writing a blog post- I got stuck at around 200 words.

Every 100 words felt like I was shifting a mountain; I just couldn't get it down!

So I went and did some easier 'maintanance' jobs like pinning to Pinterest and sharing my social accounts at WA, until I felt I was 'warmed up' enough to give it another go.

This really helped!

3: Ignore the traffic

If your site is huge and already well established this might not happen to you, but if you're in the same position as me and your site is still in progress, there is going to be a drop off in traffic while you're away.

Try not to bother frantically checking your analytics or waiting for it to go back up, just concentrate on getting back to creating content.

4: Remind yourself of your money goals

When I got back I also found that due to my lost momentum, I had actually also lost motivation.

What helped me was going and looking back at my 'money goals' and studying the reasons I wanted to succeed at WA in the first place!

Incidentally, while I was feeling discouraged, I happened to notice my that I had actually made three Amazon sales without noticing!

This was a huge boost as it reminded me that I WAS on the right track and I just needed to keep going where I left off.

5: Don't stress!

A week off may seem like a big deal, but it won't hurt you to take some time off and relax! And an important part of easing yourself back into WA is to not be constantly thinking about it while you're away!

Just enjoy your holiday and follow the 5 steps above when you get back.


Visitors last week: 134

Visitors last month: 522

Money earned total: $2.08

Recent Comments


Thanks for sharing and congrats on the sales, Best Alan

Thank you Alan!

Thanks for this post Benjamin.

I had a week off and I spent my time writing blog posts ;-) Now I'm back at work (I usually write throughout the week) I feel so drained!

I haven't written a post for a couple of days even though I have a few lined up.
I enjoyed my holiday writing posts but now that I'm back at work, I realise how much it took out of me so I'm slowly easing myself back into a routine.

Congratulations on your sales!

Thank you! It was an exciting moment, hope for many more in the future!

You're welcome!
I can imagine ... passive income when you're not doing anything.

Great going. Wishing you many more sales for you too!

Welcome back


Welcome back.

Thank you!


Thank you!

Brilliant! And welcome back Ben.
Glad to know you didn’t let yourself get too stressed coming’ve got this under control.
Your site is amazing, I could spend days there!
Thanks for sharing.
Kyle Ann

Thanks for the awesome comment Kyle Ann! Best of luck to you.

Thanks for the share. Good to keep in mind.


great advice!

Thanks Nancy!

Well written!
It was great that you got away for a while to recharge your batteries.
You realized that there was no real need to stress about traffic and numbers, are wise! Others here should read this because you really have it in perspective.
Welcome back and ease yourself back into WA.
All the best!
Colette and Philip

Thanks Colette and Philip! That's exactly what it was, would definitely recommend it! Yeah it's important not to get caught up in numbers (even though I am guilty of that sometimes). Thank you!

Great post! You're so right! We all need some time off once in a while, not only from the online business, from everything that's happening in life. I totally agree with all the points that you've mentioned and I will them in mind when I do need to take some time off. :)Thanks.

Thank you! Looking back at it I think the time off was definitely beneficial!

Wise words young buddy!!!

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