Google's "Fred" update

Last Update: March 19, 2017

Google rolled out another update to their ranking algorithm on March 8th that they dubbed "Fred", it's impossible to say 100% what exactly Fred changed, but based on the resulting articles up until now we can take an educated guess.

There's a ton of articles floating around right now about Fred, and they're all talking about pretty much the same thing - how Fred is targeting websites which focus on ads or placing excessive affiliate links, but it could be explained even easier...

Fred is targeting low quality websites focusing on generating revenue (focusing on the owner) rather than focusing on helping the readers. This is something Google's been trending towards for quite a while now and it's not really surprising to see them getting more aggressive about it.

That simply reiterates what's consistently been taught here at WA, for as long as I've been here at least; that's been a while now that I think about it... The consistent theme throughout training (in my understanding) is to focus on your readers, so as long as you're doing that then you'll be safe from this and potential future algorithm updates of the same nature. I guess it's safe to say that Kyle, Carson & Jay's training has been ahead of the game this whole time?

These algo updates aren't something to fret about usually, but they're definitely something to keep in mind. Sometimes they hit hard as is the case with Fred, luckily I was unaffected, but so far there's been a lot of websites claiming to have lost 50-90% of their traffic!

Just something to keep in mind :)

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AMYSE Premium
JeremyH86 Premium
I think this actually helped my site. Since March my rankings and traffic have been increasing a good bit.

Good thing I try to listen to the training!
NWTDennis Premium
Just another example of the benefit of sticking to the WA training and recommendations. K, C, and J have our backs for sure.

I've been somewhat annoyed when I run into what you have called low quality sites. They are loaded with pop up adds that slow the research task way down. Yea Fred ... go get em!
jvranjes Premium
This is the first time to hear about this. Thank you. So this all is in March? At my side nothing strange, in fact the traffic increases slowly but surely.

So you are saying that those ecommerce sites without texts might suffer? I hope so, but frankly do not believe this is going to happen. They are so well ranked wherever you look.