Do You Really

Last Update: May 19, 2016


Do You Really? All of us will believe and tell others we are going to be a success and make money in an online business. The point is that while we profess this, do we really believe in deep down inside.

I think most of us hope to be a success, profess this belief, and actually take a few steps but deep inside there is this huge ball of doubt. This ball of doubt is a dream and a success stealer. We go through the motions. We follow the training and advice but things just don't seem to work for them.

You have to create a success team to overcome and defeat this enemy that is holding you back. When the success/ positive belief energy gets bigger than the negative energy, success will come to you!

Who Is On This Winning Team? You the person are on it for sure, Positive music, positive readings, successful people in your field ( for us it's many of the great people here at WA), training (such as found here at WA), mentors or teachers to help and keep you accountable for your work. You need to have family, but sometimes we have to limit contact with some of them. Find the ones who are really interested in your success and will commit the effort to keep negativity from you. There re some who love to deliver drama and negativity from you and everyone else they come in contact with.

Keep yourself focused on:

  1. Why you came here.
  2. The dream you want so bad you can feel it.
  3. Create do-able goals that you can follow and achieve (Don't overstep, especially in the beginning).
  4. Do something positive for yourself and your business.
  5. Do not neglect yourself (Keep All of it in balance as to keep feeling good about all of it and not become negative or resentful).
  6. Stay focused on the end (Do not take your eye's off of the prize)

No one can stop you from your success. There are some who may deflect you from your success, but only you can stop yourself from it.

Now Remember why and go for it!

Recent Comments


I know I can make money online because I've done it before, I did extremely well in fact but illness got in the way and it all came tumbling down. So here I am again starting out afresh. Yes it's taking longer this time, real life isn't being friendly to me, but I'll get there :)

Dream stealers abound, and this is a good reminder of what it takes to keep going. Thank goodness for WA where we can find all the positivity and encouragement we need to succeed, whenever self doubt hits or a dream stealer has shaken our confidence in ourselves. I must admit I hardly notice the Dream Stealers any more - they have zero appeal compared to WA!

I am glad for you. Dream stealers can raise up out of nowhere including your family and friends. We need to always be on our guard.

Hello Brian: Great reminders! Unless I make positive changes in my life nothing changes. It's all up to me. Thanks for sharing.

Hello Vena as it is always great to hear from you. We are where we are due to the choices we make.

Thanks, I like your points.

Glad you commented Joy!

Great points, thanks for sharing :)

Glad you liked it Jude!

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