Last Update: August 13, 2017

That saying," Im trying to find the right words", Yes.. Keywords!

As we are writing our content on our sites, we run into a writers block. Not only what to write about, but also how to write it. The way we chose our words could mean better ranking in Google. We go to Keyword Tools and/or to Jaaxy. We check out Google Search. We see which words to use to rank us higher and give us more traffic.

We also need to take into consideration how our words come across to our readers. It needs to get our point across to them. Write in a way that they understand. Write in a way that they feel they are with us as they read. There are alot of considerations we have to think about while writing our content.

How we word things

Let's say you are writing about vitamins and their benefits. You can just put "Vitamin E". The search for that is very high, but there is also many options while searching for this. It is common. Maybe way too common. There are many sites a person can choose from on just "Vitamin E". The problem with this is, you have too much competition. Your new keyword will be ranked very low on google.

Say you go with "Health benefits with Vitamin E". Not as many people are searching this as they are with just "Vitamin E". But the competition is less. With using "Health benefits with Vitamin E", There is more of a chance your keywords will rank higher on google. And being on the top of the list in Google is what we all are fighting for.

We have to think like the person that is looking up information on Vitamin E. How will they search for what they are looking for. This can lead to higher ranking in google as well.

Maybe they want to know which vitamin is good for their skin. Maybe we can use the keywords "Vitamin E for Skin Health". This will narrow down the competition and will also lead the right people to your site. Is this person looking up information for vitamin E or for a skin problem? These keywords will cover both.

If you want to target the right people, lower your competition and rank higher on google, then narrowing your keywords down to fit will help in this.

Start with the most common.. say.. Vitamins.. there are millions ranking under this keyword. Then narrow it down to what has less competition. Go with the most pacific keywords.

Questions to ask yourself

What does your article or blog mainly talk about?

Who do you want to target in your keywords?

Competition or Ranking - which do you want more?

Am I getting my point across the the right readers?

Can I narrow my keywords down for better ranking?

Most Important

While picking the right keywords for your blog or site, don't forget the most important.


Write naturally. Write with the imformation you are wanting to share. Write with detail. Write in a way to get whomever is reading to understand.

Let the words flow naturally! -and- Choose the best keywords for your blog!

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BPryga Premium
Very good explanation on use of keywords. Choosing the right word or words is quite important.
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Thanks, good post
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....Thank you for taking the trouble to shorten the process of getting the right word.It is a struggle...
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thanks for sharing
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Great advice Brenda. Thanks for sharing:)
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Very well explained. Thanks. Debbie
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Good points, Brenda :)
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Great pointers, thank you for sharing.
Jaunesk Premium
Good sharing. I juggling between Jaaxy and WP when writing and wrote what come to my mind first then fine tune it later. Will take your question in consideration in my future content
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Good questions to go through whenever you start to write something that you want to work!
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Very good points. Thank you for sharing them Brenda.
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Thanks - Very informative post. Thanks for sharing this.
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Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you for this thoughtful message
MKearns Premium
Nest your keywords around what's best for the customer!
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Good advice!

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Good evening Brenda,

I like your post as you explained step by step, makes the procedure easier to understand.

Greetings from the south of Spain, Taetske
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That's a great way to explain keywords to someone!