Stepping Forward

Last Update: September 01, 2016

I like to live by the adage of Progress Not Perfection! This phrase reminds me that I need to keep on doing what I like to do while gaining all of the experience I can each day and I will be a success. This success is not measured by dollars and cents! This success is measured by how the act of progression creates me as a person.

It also reminds me that perfection is a myth!

Today I have completed the first lessons and attained the rank of 1037. This is the beginning. My website is Not only am I passionate on the subject of good, nurturing food, with my chosen niche, hopefully I can be of service to parents of young children who are on the autism spectrum.

This journey is the story of our lives and the wonder of our son. Emory's story teaches us that life always has a purpose and a plan. Most often we can learn from those who cannot speak. We can gain courage from those who face each day under daunting circumstances. And we grow in love and kindness by giving away what was so freely given to us.

My plans are to bring retirement to a new level by being a new kind of old lady! My goal is to develop a community of people who have discovered how rewarding it can be to and love someone with autism. In three more months I hope to have a better ranking in google and in WA. In six months, I hope to see some financial gains and a clearer path to reaching parents. I could even have thought of another niche that I want to explore.

I am so grateful to WA and all of those who take part in this journey. What I have found here inspires me to be more! My trust in my fellow beings has been restored. Lets all go forward hand in hand.

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Ivine Premium
Hi, enjoy the ride here at WA. Irv.
JudeP Premium
All the best on your journey :)
PMindra Premium
I am going to best foods for autism right now.
Do you have the 'comments' ratio set up?

I will find out.