How To Learn Internet Marketing For Free

Last Update: November 13, 2012
If you want to know how to learn internet marketing for free, you are already in the right place, and you need go no further, stick around.

Seriously though, there is a lot you need to know, let me give you a quick break-down:
  • How Internet Marketing Works - You can learn that here
  • How You Get Paid - You can learn that here
  • How To Build Websites - You can learn that here and even do it here.
  • How To Do Keyword Research - Yep, you can learn that here and do it here too.
  • What IS Keyword Research? - Got it!
  • How To Use Tools To Help Your Internet Marketing Efforts - Yep
  • Where To Find Those Tools - We have them, they are right on the homepage.

Actually, this is just a brief summary of what you need to learn. Fear not it is free. Wealthy Affiliate used to be one of the best resources on the planet for learning Internet Marketing, certainly at the very top of online learning. I say "used to be" because now that it is free for life, it is no longer ONE OF the best resources, it is "simply the best" - thanks Tina Turner.

The problem with trying to learn how to make money online, is that there are two types of people offering help. Imagine you have just landed in a foreign country on a boat from somewhere. You arrive at the docks and there are two people greeting you. Both of them are saying "Come this way for help, come with me".

The one on the right has a nice shiny gold tooth, a long line queuing up to go with him, a sign saying "Get rich in this new land with me, in 24 hours, just give me all your savings" and a nervous glance over his shoulder every few minutes.

The one on the left has a smaller queue, but he isn't shouting loudly, he is just saying "Hey, if you have come here because you want to succeed, come this way, I'll help you out if I can, it might take a while and you might fail, but my advice is free"

Wealthy Affiliate is the man on the left. There are no promises of getting rich here, but there are people here who are rich. If you work hard, you can succeed too. The only person rich in the other place is the guy selling the scheme.

You can learn everything you need to know here, and you can get started for free, you can even EARN money while you LEARN. WHAAAT? Seriously, go check it out here. Sign up, then visit the training "Earn your first $50" - you don't even need a website yet.

Don't forget to say "Hello" in live chat. We have live chat here, I forgot to mention that. Want to learn from fellow marketers? Read their blogs, read their training, ask them questions, laugh at their dog photos.

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Shawn Martin Premium
So true!
bryonbrewer Premium
thanks !
Good one mate. Haven't yet earned my first 50 bucks but won't be too far from now.
bryonbrewer Premium
excellent, keep at it. once you've earned 50 you can turn it into 100
Alan Hocking Premium
There you go again mate, Doing small things in a big way every day! Great post! and I've shared it as part of my "Earn your first $50" training LOL
bryonbrewer Premium
I thought it might make a good resource for helping people spread the word!
jkellernm Premium
Another good one, Dom. Keep 'em coming
bryonbrewer Premium
thanks, will do my best
Sir William Premium
Good job, I like it, keep writing, I identify with what you say. Great place to be and plenty of material and people to learn from. Thanks
bryonbrewer Premium
I think so, the more time I spend here the better my work becomes !