Free up storage space in Windows 10

Last Update: July 29, 2016

If you have decided to continue with Windows 10, then perhaps you would be interested in removing items you don't need. This will be advantageous .... free up a lot of storage space and resources.

Click Start and type 'Programs and features.' Launch this, then select 'Turn Windows features on or off ' You can then decide those you would like to remove. Do ensure you know what a particular item actually does before you uninstall it!

The list below details those recommended for removal without causing any trouble with the new OS

Internet Explorer 11 - You will not need this as Windows10 has Edge, and you probably will prefer to use Chrome or Firefox in any case.

Legacy components: Direct play - this only relates for those of you who engage in playing games over 10 years old. Otherwise you don't need this.

Media features; Windows Media Player - swap this for another media player of your choice.

Microsoft print to PDF - if you're not intending to create any PDF files from documents then you can remove this.

Print out document services - remove any entries you do not need, for example Windows Fax and Scan.

Remote Differential Compression API Support. very few programs use this so remove

Windows Power Shell 2.0 - Power Shell 5.0 is already installed in Windows you do not need the older version.

Windows Process Activation Service - specifically for developers ... If that it is not you you can dispense with this.

Work Folders Client - This is of particular interest and use for businesses, so explore this further and decide if you are going to need it.

XPS Sevices and XPS Viewer - This is merely an Alternative to PDF are very unlikely to ever use this.

Benefits:- Switching off these features will certainly free up some storage space on your computer and improve its performance .... always welcome.

Happy Culling! Best regards to all you new Windows 10 lovers.

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Dreamer56 Premium
Thanks for the info David! I will check it out
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You are most welcome .. A big thank you for your own contributions
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Thanks so much.... I'm on it!
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A great share :)