A Little Walk

Last Update: July 29, 2016

Sometimes we are so engrossed with our website building activities devoting great chunks of our lives, that we can become jaded and perhaps a little obsessive.

It can happen that we fail to appreciate the simple things and the wonder of the world around us seen through other eyes.

H R Jennings from Bedford England, penned this poem and had it published in a National newspaper recently. Thought I might share it .

To a Grandson

Come, walk with me and hold my hand

And we will find a wonderland.

Where trees and flowers and birds and bees

Shall tell us all their mysteries,

And we will talk to clouds and sky

And ask them 'what and where and why?'

Why the clouds can float on air,

What is it that keeps them there?

Why grass is green, what made it so?

Where do the parting swallows go?

Why do trees grow up so tall?

And why are caterpillars so small?

When were hills and rivers made?

Why is it cooler in the shade?

Why hard as ice but soft as snow?

Where does the melting snowman go?

Why do flowers smell so sweet?

Why do puddles wet our feet?

A wonderland for you and me,

A Grandad and a boy of three.

Can't resist these sentimental offerings.

You need some kind of a permanent link to google today to answer all those questions swirling around in the little one's heads. but the fresh air away from the computer is so rewarding in the company of an enquiring mind.

A future Internet maestro?

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JudeP Premium
That's beautiful :)
Paulbonyon Premium
This is nice Brookline!...and I wonder is a poem I learned when I was much younger in school. It says," I wonder why the grass is green and why the wind was never seen. Who taught the birds to build a nest and told the trees to take a rest?..
MNorton Premium
Hi David,
Such a lovely post! I can see them walking hand in hand down a path, through a garden. Grandpa explaining the questions that his grandson is asking him along the walk. So endearing. Thank you so much for your insight. Have a great evening.