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Last Update: June 01, 2014

It's been a month to the day that I went premium with WA. Over the past four or so weeks I have done all of the certification training courses. I have also browsed, and enjoyed, many other member created training courses, videos, and some videos/training from outside of WA.

At times it feels like there is so much to learn that I may never get a website ranked and earning money. My brain tells me that simply can't be true because other people are doing it...then firmly tells my emotions to shut up!

I did have a break through this weekend that got me very excited. I finally got my first bit of traffic that wasn't from WA. It didn't get me any sales, or commissions, but it got people onto my site!

My secret...Reddit. I probably should have waited longer to post a link there. It is recommended that you have an account open for at least a few days, if not weeks, and have commented on other people's links and discussions in your subreddit (or niche) before you post links. The reddit community can get down right abusive if they decide they don't like you, or are just there to sell you something.

But oh how awesome it is to log into Google Analytics and see a that a real live person is currently viewing your website AND IT ISN'T YOU! I also learned that I have Twitter followers (I'm not very good with Twitter).

This weekend I definitely learned the importance of social media. Now I just have to learn how to better leverage it so that I can get some more followers.

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gise777 Premium
Good for you Brooks! I hope to follow your steps!
corinnarose Premium
Thanks for the info and I'm sure you will see some real action soon!!! :)
Jen090 Premium
You can also use Feedjit to check a real time visitor. Just add it to your widget.
brookeflinn Premium
Ooo...thanks! I love all these fun new things to play with!
nomda ploom Premium
lovely feedback, excitement and positivity come across very well!
arick Premium
Yes, Brooke, it can be overwhelming. You are doing great!