Breaking the habit...

Last Update: May 21, 2014

Or maybe starting a new habit.

I've never been a blogger. I never wrote down my thoughts in a journal, or diary, when I was young. It's just not something I've ever felt the need to do. So now I'm trying to break the habit of not blogging.

About five years ago I managed to lose 40 pounds. Every place I went to get information to help lose that weight they suggested making your goals and progress public to. "They" claimed it promoted accountability and I would be more likely to follow through if I let me goals be known.

Well "they" were right. The problem was always that sharing my goals in an open forum is not a natural thing for an introverted person like me to do.

So my goals:

My first goals to help me not only be a success here at WA, but help my websites be more successful are:

1) Post a blog on WA at least once a week

2) Post my first article on Street Articles by the end of this weekend

3) Put at least 4 posts on my websites before the end of this coming weekend.

Now my goals are public! Better make them happen.

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MisterWailor Premium
Yes, you better do it. Otherwise we will give you a hard time. Lol.
Christabelle Premium
Go For It! You can do it!!! :)
RobinTheresa Premium
This is great. Best wishes to you. Keep up the great work. Robin
arick Premium
cheick55 Premium
Well blogs are easy to write. Just like writing content on a website, just blog on something your passionate about and the words will just flow. Don't force yourself to blog or you will just make it in fun for you.