Don't sweat the small stuff

Last Update: Aug 27, 2021

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Hello WA family! It's been two whole weeks since I've done a blog post here - or anywhere for that matter! Yikes! My 61st WA blog post and it's not exactly what I'd hoped it would be.

Definitely not living up to Prince Partha's Potions. Carving 20, 30 or 50 minutes to write content over the last few weeks would have been possible if there were 36 hours in a day!

No excuses I know...but between the job that pays the bills, Zoom and Teams meetings, and the contract from my online business, it was just near impossible to get to researching and writing a post. If you've read my blogs before, you know that I'm not one for 'shallow' writing - it's got to be relevant, useful, expressive and meaningful in some way.

You see, my niche also involves writing (and lots of it!) and with a huge deadline hanging over my head, it has been crunch time every free minute I could get - during self-imposed lunch breaks (gotta eat at some point!), after my day job, late at night!

I watched as my WA ranking slid from the Top 50, my inbox piled up with unread WA notifications and I wished I could crank out a blog post in 2-3 minutes like my motivating and inspirational friend Simone whose rank is in the Top 10!

My concern grew every day as I snuck a few minutes from time to time to check out the WA

scene, scan the top 10 blogs and check out my stats. Women were designed to multi task (I can hear the men groan), but there are some things we just can't juggle. If I tried, I wouldn't be giving my all to any one thing. Something would suffer. I had to choose!

Suffice it to say, priorities won! Bills have to be paid and my business brought in a decent contract with the potential for repeat business. Though I'm bummed about my ranking and missing out on some really great blogs from the WA community, I've chosen to channel my focus where it counts the most right now. I'm not sweating the small stuff! While WA rank is cool and all that good stuff, it's not the purpose for which I signed up. I've learned the hard way that worrying doesn't change a thing except maybe your blood pressure!

I'll get back on the blogging bandwagon soon. Hey! I just did one! 😀

Promise to stop by as often as I can while I complete my priorities. In the meantime, keep it moving my WA friends. Have a great weekend when it comes.



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Thanks for sharing this Maria. It's so true, you have to put your priorities first, and paying bills is top of the list! I'm definitely not a fast writer and enjoy the whole process of researching and writing. I rarely write WA posts but always try and make time each day for reading and commenting member's posts.

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting Kathy. Like you, do enjoy the research and formulating a post before writing. I do also prefer to write useful and relevant content, mixed in with some light stuff. So it does take time more often than not. You're doing well and I'm pleased to add you to my network of WA friends. Have a great weekend!


Hi Maria, thank you so much for adding me to your network. I'm adding you as well:)

Much appreciated. Have a great week! Cheers!


Great to hear from you again Maria!

You're not wrong, we've all got to what we can to look after the family and pay the bills first and foremost!

Don't sweat the small stuff too much, in the future you will have more time for yourself I'm sure!

Take care my good friend and enjoy a fabulous start to Frisatsu!:-)😁😁

Hey Nick! Great to hear from you too. How are things in your neck of the woods? Yeah you know these periods come and go. Just like priorities change. Here's to a fantastic Frisatsu! Take good care my friend.


Everything is fine here my friend, thanks for asking! Although we only got back yesterday after a couple of months away, and found some plumbing issues in the kitchen which I have spent most of the day rectifying, but it is all good now!!

So true that periods come and go, and our situations can change all the time, we just have to do what is best for us at any given moment!

I hope you are having a fantastic Frisatsu too Maria!!:-)

Maria, you are doing very good, trying your best! Keep it up!
God Bless You and my WA Family🙏

Thanks so much Bibi. I truly appreciate the support. Best wishes to you on your journey as well. Blessings.


Hi Maria,

Indeed, you have to prioritize and do the things that have to get done! You can not sweat the small things. Thanks for the great reminder! Have an awesome day! Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,

Hello Nichola. Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. Have a great weekend and all the best!


You are welcome. Thank you! 😀😍

Maria do what you can, in time things have a way of sorting themselves out. You will get back on track. Best wishes.

They certainly do Helen. Hence, I'm not too worried. It is what is is... Cheers!


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