Day 7 -"May Day! May Day!"-!"May day, may day."- It's May Day!

Last Update: May 02, 2019

Day 7, and I've got a week under my belt!

May Day! Same, phrase, ...3 different connotations...

May- the fifth month of the year, of the Gregorian calendar; a Roman goddess of fertility named for Maia

May Day! May Day!

SOS or May Day! May Day! "We have a situation!" , .."Houston, ..we have a problem!"

Danger signals! Calls to action!

"May day! May day! This is an emergency. Lying just inches away, ...Ths is an emergency, and you can't hear, me!"-CAM

I ran into this new May Day, song whilst, researching, The May Day song, from younger days, which sadly, took too, much time to locate. I

"May day, May day...bright and sunny May day!"

I hadn't realized that May 1, or May Day, was a celebrated, holiday in the US, until fact checking , this mrning.

    May Day, was originally, a Medieval celebration, where soldiers, celebrated, the return of spring and the promise for fertility, and abundant crops. The traditon was carried out in most of the North Hemisphere, and came to the US, as a result, with the immigration, of European.

    Puritan, settlers, viewed it as Paganism, and dismissed, it's celebration.

    In the United States, as well, as Canada, in 1890's, once celebrated it's labor unions and work force, on May first, but is now Labor Day, in September..

    The Russians, under Lenin and Stalin protested, labor conditions, and started strikes, at this time.

    Russian, Soviets, began, to celebrate its arms, armies! Celebrate their strength!

    May First!

    "Don't begin your month, 'til you see the end."-Brian Tracy

    In pursuit, of "self-discipine", I'm making plans! Where, do I want to see my website, by the end of the month?

    Before, I answer this question, I, must, review progress, so far.

    April, goals, for WA, were fueled by my desire to get back, my momentum, with WA!

    • Attend all training on Fridays, Jay!
    • Read 3 blogs per day, and comment
    • Find 3 new members to follow
    • answer all new follows promptly
    • Organize writing notebooks, and consolidate
    • Declutter everything that bugs me!
    • Start a personal challenge for writing

    Checks all down the list! Good job, Barb! Having a Plan is working! Think, I'll try it again!

    My Vision for the end of May?

    My site will be up and running!

    • List techincal steps still needed. by reviewing all Certification Training
    • Asking for help when confused
    • List articles needed prior to blog launch
    • Design a downloadable give away, and approprite landing pages
    • See if logo can be made graphic and how
    • Write more for site than WA blogs

    This, is just the start, subject to change and additions, if necessay.

    By the end of May, I hope to celebrate, my Labor, my strength, and daily rebirths, that follow csuccesses, and conclusions, ... and be rescued from any danger!

    Planning, "May", may just, prevent, any "May Day! May Day!", screams from this Ship!

    Closing out on another day! I woke at 11 pm, from a power nap, and it's now, 6:30 am, Houston time. I really "Ate the Frog", early!!

    On, with the rest of my day!

    Best success, this Merry Month of May, follow "comrades"!

    Today, matters! Make it count!


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        tbowyer Premium
        HI Barb.

        "Today, matters! Make it count!"

        Boom! Well said. I will try to repeat that each morning when I first awake. Failing that, when first I hit the computer to begin the work day. Failing that, when first I get the urge to slack off.

        Thank you.

        brichnow21 Premium
        "Everyday, is a new slate!"
        What will I create, today!
        Make it a wonderful, day, of productivity, Tayo!
        It's a Saturday? Could, be Monday, morning, for me!
        LLettau1 Premium
        Inspiring post and may you realize your May goals.
        brichnow21 Premium
        Mission accomplished!
        Promote, inspiration!
        Thank, you!
        hummingbyrd Premium
        Great post Barb. I like your list of goals for this month. I'll bet you accomplish all of them and a few additional. Best wishes...
        brichnow21 Premium
        Jay, that's the beauty of writing them down. I can review, and be re-inspired, when necessary. In the reviewing, come the extras, the new ideas. Goals can, and should be tweaked! Assessed, modified, as needed.
        I appreciate, your comments!
        FKelso Premium
        I hope your month is over the top successful.

        When I was a kid, for May Day at school we had the Maypole, which was a fun event. Then, at home we'd make up baskets of flowers and little treats, go to the door of a friend where we would leave the basket, knock, and run. What fun! I did enjoy the day.
        brichnow21 Premium
        Where Fran?
        Did you sing, "A tisket, a tasket" , too!
        That just shot me, back to 4 years old! ...
        Singing in Joel's basement!
        Maypoles, we're replaced by tether-ball poles! LOL
        FKelso Premium
        Yes, sang that song and many Connecticut. Quite a distance from Alaska.
        brichnow21 Premium
        Yes, for me, too! Michigan to Texas! Culture shock, and with the weather!! ?
        MKearns Premium
        If you're flying by the seat of your britches Barb and have a problem, what do you shout? May Day! May Day!"-!"Mayday
        brichnow21 Premium
        "Help!" ! Isn't sufficient!
        SOS, is easier to type!
        "May Day! May Day!", Mike!!
        Got an extra lifesaver??
        MKearns Premium
        Gotcha girl!
        brichnow21 Premium
        My, "Ambassador"!
        I, haven't forgotten! ;)