My first commission, 4 in a week. Yaay :)

Last Update: November 14, 2013

Praise the Lord
I'm happy to inform the WA that I earned my first 4 product commissions, 2 products on 5th, one on 7th, one on 11th of November totaling $2.96.

I started my website like anyone else, with no knowledge. My first month went fine. I kept following the training and continued posting.

It was month two, I felt it quite hard to withstand the pressure of coping up with my studies and posting for my website especially when I had multiple components in a week.

It has been 3 months now, I'm suffering from writer's block. I couldn't make a new post for a week now. I barely had any hope of looking into my website as a revenue maker. But at times when I look into my previous post, I start wondering whether it was me who wrote those appreciable posts.

Today being another messed up day like any other, I pushed myself to write a review for a product by visiting Amazon affiliate, just to find that I had made 4 commissions, two of them belong to my niche.

What I've learnt

1. Internet marketing is a mind game. It's always between you and yourself.
2. Be free to explore every single possibility.
3. Be consistent( Don't worry about missing a day's work-spending 5 days feeling bad about it won't help anyone)and have an open mind to changes.

"Remember that guy that gave up? Neither does no one else" - Unknown

Thank you Kyle & Carson you both made my day :).

If anyone can help me with my "writer's block problem" I would be glad :)

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Shawn Martin Premium
Congrats Brian! What I do when I can't seem to focus on writing is go to Google alerts and just start reading up on my niche. Helps me.
brianrob Premium
Thanks Shawn will definitely try that one :)
jespinola Premium
Hey Brian. I have glad to meet you here!

You are really doing a great progress and Kudos! Well deserved!

IYou are right all is in your mind. If you are all the time gaving a negative attitude you won't able to earn any penny!

Well done :9
brianrob Premium
Thank you Jorge, I'm glad that I met you here in WA :')
jespinola Premium
jcblessed Premium
Awesome, that first dollar is always the hardest to make, but it does sound like your on the right track, I wish you much success!
Shaquinho Premium
Congrats for your first commissions! Great! Keep up the work!

There are some good articles on how to get rid of writers block here at WA.
I personally liked these 3:

Whenever you get stuck, do a search here at WA. It's very likely that someone wrote a training or an article about it.

Good Luck:-)
That is great! Being Open-Minded is the best way to go when going for any goal!
Mark Tait Premium
Brilliant news - doesn't matter how much it is, you're proving this is all working for you - and whether it's $2 or $2000 - it's more than you had before you had it!! Writers block? You could write about exactly what you have above - people looking out for scams would (imho I believe) appreciate a real life story - even if you think it's a relatively low amount - it's a result. So do what you've done again, and you could end up with another $2.96 - bear in mind you already have online the first "post" that earned you your first $2.96 - so with the next amount of effort you may see $6, then $12, then $24 - again, doesn't matter at all how small it is - it's income you didn't have before!!

Very uplifting - all the best, Mark
183paleon Premium
I'm happy to read feedback like this its very encouraging. Thanks
brianrob Premium
You're welcome Garry :)
choppydo Premium
I love the cumulative nature of this stuff. Expect to see things continue to get better as you keep going.
LadyOdd Premium
Good for you, that's awesome! Just be persistent the content will keep building up your readers which will lead to more sales :)
jrswab Premium
Thanks for this post, I have hit a wall with my new site that aims to bring people into WA I have been lucky enough to earn 8 credits off of 28 invites and two of those became premium members. Not yet enough to be comfortable with just doing this as a profession but you are right, it is a mind games.

If this is what I can do in my first month of really putting WA's knowledge to the grinder, I am sure I will make it as a full time Affiliate Marketer.

Thank you :D
VainMoo Premium
Congratulation brianrob! This is really inspiring to me. ;-) good luck and may you get more commissions in the coming future.
brianrob Premium
Thanks Vain :)
Nice job :)
mzerak Premium
As you said Only you can defeat yourself :)

I you have some 'low hanging fruits' - researched keywords... get someone on Fiverr to write SEO article for you using the same keywords... Remember : more traffic will bring more commision...
goldielx3brs Premium
Good Job brianrob! It's very inspiring to me to know that WA works!;) Yaaay for commissions!:)