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I have bought a new premium theme never knowing that it requires outgoing connection to the remote host for activation and other purposes. Sad part is that, WA servers blocks all outgoing connections by default. So any plugin/theme that requires time to time connections to remote servers will not be allowed by WA as stated by Craig's comment in this post I had also purchased Leadpages 5 months back and t
When you are using ftp to transfer big files to the server, you can get an error similar to this- Connection timed out Error:File transfer failed after transferring 188,981 bytes in 22 seconds (or) Connection timed out Error:File transfer failed after transferring 'x' bytes in 'y' seconds There could multiple reasons for this error popping up. 1. There could be a firewall problem. Your firewall may be blocking the transfer. So I personally tried shutting the firewall for 30 sec to see whether
Hey guys I need to get a landing page up and running as quickly as possible. I tried using a fiverr guy to do the page but he didn't respond to a query I asked him a day back. Is there a better and quicker way to design a custom landing page using a free/premium plugin and other online services? I thought of doing it on my own, I have all the images to use on the page, but don't know the way to implement the text fields. I have a getresponse autoresponder account.
"An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later". I'm getting this error when I try to upload an image, for a week now. I'm tired of waiting. I referred to the wordpress articles related to the issue, but they were inconclusive, some articles suggested me to change some code, I'm not comfortable in coding in CSS. Yup, so some suggestion would be helpful. I can offer a virtual heart shaped balloon to anyone who can solve my problem :P
Well, this question popped in my mind very often in my initial days of affiliate marketing. Yesterday, as I was cleaning up my room I found a old Gulf Newspaper which had an article giving the exact answer to his question. Surprisingly the answer is NO. You don't need to be a mojo in your niche before you see your first penny. The article stated that- "72 per cent of consumers surveyed said that they trusted online reviews as much as personal recommendations." This stats that 72% of the vi
From January 1st, the search result page stopped displaying a page of mine for any known keyword. Previously it used to display even for 2 worded keywords, now I can't find it in the first page or any other page. Some of the keywords the page used to display for were : 1. Poweradd Apollo 2. Poweradd Apollo solar charger. 3. Poweradd Apollo 7200mAh solar charger review. For these keyword the page would come in less than first 6 results in page 1. This is the page:
Praise the Lord I'm happy to inform the WA that I earned my first 4 product commissions, 2 products on 5th, one on 7th, one on 11th of November totaling $2.96. I started my website like anyone else, with no knowledge. My first month went fine. I kept following the training and continued posting. It was month two, I felt it quite hard to withstand the pressure of coping up with my studies and posting for my website especially when I had multiple components in a week. It has been 3 months now, I
First of all, adblock is a browser plugin which block ads on a website. Any user who have it installed in the web-browser will not see any ad on any site while surfing, no pop-ups, no random music in the background. Around "16 million" online surfers have adblock !! Now that's got to be a problem for internet marketers. With ads from adsense and even amazon banners missing(the one with text and image together) while browsing can bring down your CTR(click through rate)by a large amount. You woul