Are you missing out CTR because of adblocks?

Last Update: September 10, 2014

First of all, adblock is a browser plugin which block ads on a website. Any user who have it installed in the web-browser will not see any ad on any site while surfing, no pop-ups, no random music in the background. Around "16 million" online surfers have adblock !!

Now that's got to be a problem for internet marketers. With ads from adsense and even amazon banners missing(the one with text and image together) while browsing can bring down your CTR(click through rate)by a large amount. You would probably be assuming that banners will be clicked by the visitor. But the visitor with the adblock plugin would see nothing but a blank space. If the prospective customer has an adblock(one among 16 million users), then probably he would prefer clicking a banner in some other website rather than the blank space in that of yours.

How do we tackle it ? (3 steps)

1. The first solution would be to try the out adblock extension for your web browser. This would give you a better insight on how the blocking works(give it a shot it's not rocket science!) .

Adblock for chrome link:

For any other browser, adblock extension can be found by searching for "adblock for firefox". After you have installed the extension, try looking around your website finding the parts of the website which sound lame(with blocked ads and no links for the visitor to click on). Once you are familiarized with the adblock, you are good to follow the 2nd step.

2. Whenever you add a banner to your website which comes along with the content, add text links above or below the banner, so that the visitor would at least find a link to the desired page.
3. The third trick would be, choosing images over banners. An image with a link to it will not blocked by any adblock! . Hence adding links to the image is very important.

Hope I helped you, Let's get things working. Have a nice day :)


Source for the number of users:

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Susie50 Premium
Thanks for the post Brian. You say that images won´t be blocked by Adblocker either but in the last few days I experienced the fact that ads and affiliate linked photos were not showing up within Firefox (on my side) but they were showing in Chrome and Safari. After a lot of turning off this, that and the other, I discovered that I had tracking turned on in Firefox for my website and turning this off made the photos and ads come back to life! This is something in addition to Adblocking and maybe something others might not be aware of, not sure. Just thought I´d throw that in there. Thanks again.
EverythnMan Premium
It also works on widgets. I did a video tutorial here. It should help.
IslandMike Premium
Nice point and info!
ramccracken Premium
I'm definitely going to add this to my browser and then go through my site to find alternative selling points.

Thanks for a great blog
MarkHess Premium
Great post, this article may also help some people who are concerned about this: How to implement anti adblock strategies in WordPress -
brianrob Premium
Good that you read it Mark.:)