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Last Update: February 07, 2017

Lately, I've been trying to focus on low hanging fruit using the Keyword Tool. Looking for keyword phrases that have at least 50 searches and fewer than 50 Competitive score.

According to Kyle's training, the low competitive score means you have a better chance at picking up traffic than competing in a big category with lots of competition.

I keep putting in phrases into the Tool that are relevant to my niche, which is helping older people build muscle to fight aging.

When I find a phrase that is right for my niche and has the right scores - and also makes sense linguistically - I go to Google to do some research.

I never plagiarize the work of others, but look to credible sources of information for inspiration on the topic. I may reference one or two of them and quote them with proper attribution. And then I put my personal spin on the topic with what I think.

I keep a log of Keyword phrases that I've scored this way and try to have at least 5 or 6 ready to go into development at any one time.

My headlines are less creative and artsy than they used to be, but I believe this process can pay off with increased traffic. Time will tell.

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PaulineT Premium
Good work!
Fushniki Premium
I follow you 100%. I spend about an hour searching keywords for my articles. I look to find that low hanging fruit, but in language that speaks well and I can work naturally into a title and paragraphs. It takes extra work, but I know from the past that this stuff works. Funny thing, I was succesful with keywords in the past and never used a keyword research tool. I just wrote a lot of content and a lot of pages around keywords and ranked keywords. I'm really excited to be using the keyword tools, this will make the whole process much faster

bri48327 Premium
I just noticed something for the first time today. Google doesn't really search on the basis of the exact phrase you input. It won't unless you put your terms in quotes, which I doubt most people do.
So, if you input the exact Keyword phrase you found had a low competition score... Google will ignore the exact phrasing and pull up stuff that's in the ballpark... which kind of makes the whole low hanging fruit thing seem less important.
Am I missing something?
Fushniki Premium
no, you are still more relevent based on the exactness of the search. the alogorythym will continue to change, that is why other components like social engagement and user stats are important as well. The usage of keywords gets you noticed by the search engine, but if the site isn't seen as relative by the community, then it won't rank good either.
bri48327 Premium
Got that. But still wondering why the keyword phrase itself does not show up in the Google search, regardless of my site or not.
I would expect the other competitors to show up. But the keywords don't come up, unless you search with quote marks around them.