Last Update: July 07, 2018

So hi to you all

so what do you do to keep motivated or are you always motivated, personally i will take time to watch motivational people, mel robbins 5 sec rule, tony robbins i am not your Guru, i just love watching and listening to these kind of people.

So who do you like to listen to when you just need that lift, to make yourself feel better?

Personally i listen or watch these people and it gives me the energy to carry on, to really make it work i just love the energy, i do feel myself welling up when i listen to some of the stories maybe its just because im a bit of a softie, but i love seeing people happy or having a success.

I suppose this is why i love this community, there are some really love people here who give such kind comments, i never feel negativity it gives me the energy to be the success that im going to achieve and if i can help just one person change there life that would make the whole time spent here worth while, i believe we all have it in us to do well .

im supprised when i see people on here who dont complete the training because i just think that what makes this site apart from the wonderful people, is the tremendous training but you need to implement it dont just watch it.

So if any of you out there need to bounce ideas with soeone just get in touch and if i can help i will

Take care


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HarveyBrown Premium
thanks Brett, I tend to listen to music when I need motivation. Music has that quality having soothing or exciting, depending on the genre.
MKearns Premium
A stepchild of passion, very necessary Brett!
AngieKitts Premium
Thanks Brett.